Gathbandhan 19th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.Me 

Dhanak hides from Raghu but he grabs her and tries to reveal her something. She says i will kill you. Mai is involved. Maya says I notion you are a lioness but you are fearful of that female? She isn’t even a police officer right now. Mai says you hold crying however I’m able to make her cry on proper time, i am don so my daughter in law could be don like me, no longer such as you. She goes to her and says you will continue to be my daughter in law for me, don’t fear. Mai sees Aslam and Batli there. She slaps them for dishonest her.

Dhanak sees police taking women and boys. Raghu says they are named ladies that’s why I attempted to forestall you, we could go. Dhanak says i can no longer go together with you. Police come there and arrests them. Dhanak says we’re innocent human beings, i am married. Raghu says we are husband and spouse.

Inspector puts Dhanak and Raghu in prison. Dhanak says to the inspector that i am no longer like that, I’m an IPS officer. Officer says then why had been you out at night time? once we file grievance then they may reject your IPS position, you have got an hour to show your case. Raghu receives the name. Inspector says talk speedy. He places call on speaker and tell her that he’s in the police station. She says don’t fear I’m coming, he says I knew you would assist me. Raghu tells Dhanak that Mai is coming.

Mai involves Mahindra and tells him approximately Dhanak and Raghu in jail. He says that cant show up. Mai says they caught her, that is all occurring due to your daughter, we need to pass there, we have to inform that they are married, include me. Mahindra is going together with her.

Dhanak thinks that most effective 1/2 hour is left. women flirt with Raghu. Raghu says i am here with my spouse. Dhanak asks him to forestall it, you’re lying. Raghu says i am no longer mendacity. Dhanak says you can’t communicate to me like this, i am your wife. Raghu says then be given it. One female says that they are real husband and wife, he is crazy for her. Raghu sees a rat and screams. Dhanak thinks that he’s a don and terrified of a rat? Raghu jumps on jail bars and holds Dhanak’s hand.

Mahindra is in the automobile with Mai. Does Mai say what will you inform now? Mahindra says i can tell them about my daughter, i am now not here to play with you. Mai says we must practice, let me ask questions like the police. Does she ask whats proof that she is his daughter? He says I have a card.

Dhanak asks Raghu to leave her hand, he says no. She says I’m able to shoo rat. She gives roti to rat and places the pot on it.

Mai comes to police station with the attorney. Mai says to Mahindra that inform them my son and your daughter are husband and wife. He nods.

Raghu smiles at Dhanak for shooing away rat. He maintains transferring as she paces her mobile. Dhanak glares at him.

Precap:- Mai asks the inspector to leave them. Mahindra says they are husband and wife. Mai says what are you announcing? your daughter tried to lure my son, they’re no longer married. Inspector says so she becomes lying? Dhanak thinks what she is doing?

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