Gathbandhan 19th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Dhanak sits with Raghu and strokes his face, she reviews their minutes. Raghu opens his eyes and sees her. He attempts to get up yet Dhanak says quiet down, I got so terrified. Raghu says I didnt realize I would get stunned. Dhanak says you take rest. Raghu reviews her expressing gratitude toward him for sparing his life. Dhanak gives him water and goes to leave however Raghu says thanks to her. Dhanak gets enthusiastic and leaves. Aslam comes there and says I knew it, whatever happened was for good, you are still enamored, there is Maya one side and Dhanak on otherside, you need to concur that you cannot proceed onward. Raghu grins and supposes what I am doing?

Preeti says to Dhanak that Maya’s name is coming in each issue that is occurring. Preeti discloses to Dhanak that Maya must be hijacked yet you got abducted, you need to discover truth generally on the off chance that something significant occurs, at that point you wont be capable excuse yourself.

Mai comes to mandir and says sorry to learn, she says I won’t design something like this once more. Maya comes there and says I have a plan to set up Dhanak. Mai says nothing ought to happen to my Raghu. Maya says simply trust me, she reveals to her arrangement. Mai says its great you are thinking yet she is an official, Maya says I will set up her however I need your assistance. Mai says I will. lets perceive how Dhanak will be spared.

Mai converses with chawl individuals and says we keep kabaddi coordinate all over so tomorrow will be a match. Lady says its great you are doing this. Mai says I need Dhanak to play tomorrow’s match as well. Dhanak says what? Mai says Raghu is fine and will be arbitrator, I will give trophy and prize of 5K, I will likewise blessing new watch. Dhanak thinks Raghu needs new watch so its a decent possibility. Maya says I will win watch for Raghu as I am in group for which Mai is chief. Dhanak grins and contacts Mai’s feet, she asks Mai to favor her as she will be skipper of second group and will win watch for Raghu. Lady says Mai’s girl in law is conflicting with her. Maya says Mai’s group consistently win. Dhanak says we will see tomorrow who will win. Mai looks on.

Precap: Dhanak’s group remains against Mai’s group. Maya begins coordinate with Dhanak. Mai says you cannot lose, its about our regard. Maya supposes I need to show her exercise. Dhanak is later assaulting Mai however observes ceiling fixture falling.


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