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Raghu prays for Dhanak at dargah and says not anything can show up to her. medical doctors are trying to revive Dhanak. Raghu cries and prays for her. She loses lifestyles but then her lifeline comes lower back. Aslam runs to Raghu and says Mai known as and instructed that she is awake. Raghu runs from there fortuitously.

Raghu comes to ward and sees Dhanak drowsing on mattress. He smiles and touches her face. She wakes up. Raghu says i will come later, he turns to depart but Dhanak holds his hand and makes him. She takes off her oxygen masks. Raghu says I went to hope for you, you’re my life, why did you do it? Dhanak says you’ve got grow to be a pleasant person, I cant can help you die. I took that bullet for you. Inspector comes there. He says you completed your venture, we want human beings like you who are unswerving. Dhanak smiles and thanks him.

Inspector asks Raghu to pop out, he shot her. Dhanak says no, I witnessed it, it changed into an twist of fate. Inspector nods and leaves. Dhanak smiles at Raghu. Mai hears all that.
typhoon is passingby, its raining closely. Dhanak is on my own in her room. She hears someone and sees Mai there. Mai says you purchased scared? Dhanak appears on. Mai says why you maintain wanting to end up a police officer? we are alone here, Mai says i will do something. Dhanak says i will tell you a way to kill, you can kill me but I wont stop from turning into an officer. Mai indicates her video of lion attacking a deer. Mai says i’m able to attack you while you are exceptional and running, sleep nicely. Mai pulls a pillow from her head. Dhanak says deer constantly runaway from lion because its about his existence, IPS is my lifestyles, goodnight. Mai glares at her and places pillow back. She leaves from there.

In morning, Raghu does aarti as Dhanak comes lower back in chawl. Mahindra smiles at her. Raghu offers aarti to Dhanak as her hand is in cast. He says are you now not satisfied? Dhanak says i’m on wheelchair, I cant stroll and experience air. Raghu thinks i will make her enjoy.

Raghu runs with Dhanak’s wheelchair all round chawl. She laughs and enjoys with him. Maya glares at them. Aslam teases her. Mai looks on.

At night, Dhanak is attempting to do her shoulder’s bandage but Raghu comes there and asks waht she is doing? Dhanak says i can do dressing, carry first-useful resource. Raghu says you relaxation, i will do it. She says no i will do it. Raghu looks away and says this remedy is right. Dhanak nods at him and pulls her blouse lower back, Raghu appears away and applies medicinal drug on her wound. Dhanak seems at him and blushes. She winces in pain, he says sorry. Raghu lovingly appears at him. He puts band-useful resource on her. Raghu says you’re taking rest. She thank you him and says you keep in mind my promises? Raghu says yes, dont worry. Raghu says I brought Bablu’s daughter here, i’m able to enhance her. Dhanak says dont do whatever with the intention to positioned you in chance. Raghu says i can.. what is going to I do? i will placed stall of pav bhaji. She says appropriate concept. He holds her hand and sees her high fever. He says i will bring medicinal drug.

Mai is sleeping and loud night breathing. Dhanak receives disturbed. She wakes up and calls out to her, she experience dizzy. She says Mai.. Mai.. Mai is napping. Dhanak throws pillow at her. Mai wakes up and asks what are you doing in my room? Dhanak says Raghu married me, i’m your daughter in regulation, I cant sleep. Mai asks Raghu to return. Dhanak says he isn’t right here, Mai says you need me to serve you? Dhanak says I must go to lavatory. Mai recollects how she fought with her before. Mai thinks now i will do what i will.

Precap Upcoming Gathbandhan episode update: Raghu comes to Mai and asks wherein is Dhanak? Mai asks him to run to washroom. Raghu runs there however Mai says she isn’t right here.


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