Gathbandhan 1st August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Dhanak rings Raghu. Mai says you look decent, she causes him to plunk down and applies haldi to him. Raghu is strained. Dhanak reviews their haldi and says my turn. She comes to Raghu and applies haldi to him. Raghu is strained and moves away. Maya comes there. Dhanak grins. Mai asks Raghu to apply haldi to Maya. Dhanak says I can help. Mai says I will do it. Dhanak says as you wish. Maya sits with Raghu. Mai goes to make haldi. Dhanak hits with her and lady of the hour’s haldi fall all over. Dhanak grins and looks on. Lady says lady of the hour’s haldi was connected on Dhanak? Dhanak says sorry. Raghu grins somewhat. Mai says haldi can be connected to anybody yet Maya will wed him as it were. Raghu is preparing for wedding. Dhanak comes all dressed, he cannot turn away. Dhanak requests that he prepare quick. Raghu says I cannot do it.. I adore you, I cannot consider any other individual.. it ends up being his fantasy. Dhanak says come quick, she leaves.

Dhanak comes to Maya and says you didnt prepare? this isn’t great. Maya says stop it. Maya says I dont have a beautician, what to do? Sejal says I know a beautician, we can take her there. Dhanak says its distant, Maya wont concur. Maya says dont choose for me, you will take me to parlor? Dhanak says I can do this for you, they leave.

Dhanak carries Maya to parlor. Maya says this spot looks peculiar? Dhanak says its best beautician around the local area. She brings her inside and requests that her stare at the TV. Maya says its not working. Dhanak says in light of the fact that you broke its dish over my head, she ties her and says I know it all you did. I will demonstrate to you how grabbing is finished.

Mai sees beautician in house and says you are here for Maya? She says yes however Maya isn’t here.

Dhanak secures Maya parlor. Maya says I will break your connection with Raghu. Dhanak says till I am alive, this connection wont break, she shoots a sparkler close Maya and leaves. Saku stows away and hears all that. Saku calls Mai and discloses to her that Dhanak bolted Maya inside parlor. Mai says we are one stage ahead, brea the lock and bring Maya here.

Dhanak gets a call about a case, official reveals to her that we have thirty minutes to get that criminal. Dhanak considers wedding and says I will be free till then she finishes call. Dhanak calls Mahindra and says I need to go for a work, simply watch out for Maya and dont let her leave parlor.

Saku breaks lock and brings Maya out of parlor. Sejal and Mahindra sees it.

Raghu unfortunately takes a gander at himself as a man of the hour. Aslam says dont stress, you are dismal in light of the fact that you are not with your affection, Raghu reviews his minutes with Dhanak. He asks where is Dhanak? Aslam says dont know, stress over Maya now. They leave.

Dhanak comes to site where official advised her to come. Mai stows away and supposes I called you here to trap you, I will give you passing. Dhanak looks arouund. Mai focuses firearm at her from behind and is going to shoot her.

Precap: Raghu sits in mandap with Maya, he supposes I am wedding Maya. Lady of the hour is in cover.


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