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Today’s Gathbandhan 1 Feb episode begins with Dhanak. She stuck Raghu pink-handed. Raghu handles the scenario nicely.

Savitri is torturing a few lady who took her water. Savitri tells her that Raghu goes to crack a massive deal today.

Preeti is trying to persuade Mahendra for her activity. Sejal backs Preeti. Batli is available in to take a soda bottle. Mahendra seeks his assist for assisting Preeti get a job. Batli knows something else and has the same opinion. Mahendra additionally receives misdirected in his phrases.

Dhanak reaches training middle. She couldn’t complete the formalities of the form due to lack of files. Dhanak receives disheartens.

Raghu enquires approximately the same. Dhanak stocks her trouble. Raghu begins talking approximately his way of living lifestyles. Dhanak reveals a way in his phrases.
Dhanak requests the government to test her.

Raghu learns that Dhanak is in police education. He doesn’t agree with. Raghu steals a gun from a police officer and hides inside the police training center.

Dhanak is practicing gunshots on the schooling middle. Raghu gets .

The written update of one February 2019 Gathbandhan episode complete tale ends.

Upcoming Gathbandhan episode update: Dhanak thanks Raghu for the concept. A police officer stops Raghu. He desires to take a look at Raghu.

Gathbandhan 1st February 2019 Written Update Precap:

Gathbandhan 1st February 2019 Written Episode Update
Gathbandhan 1st February 2019 Written Episode Update

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