Gathbandhan 1st October 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode starts with Raghu saying what we can’t say, it gets known by our doings. Dhanak says we can’t be together, we have to do everything for Ronak. He says fine, I will go and tell Ronak that I m his dad. She asks him to stop. She thinks its good Ronak isn’t here. Ronak asks Dhanak for helping him in a rehearsal. She thinks of Raghu’s words. Raghu comes. Ronak says dad and runs to hug him. Raghu smiles and sees Dhanak. She thinks did Raghu tell him everything. Ronak says I told you, my dad will come, he has come, I m Ram and this is my dad Dasharath. Dhanak gets relieved. Raghu says the lines of the play.

Ronak says very soon, I will come to you dad. Raghu hugs him and says I will wait for that moment, son. Ronak asks Dhanak how did she like his acting. She hugs him and says you are the best. Ronak says mum made me Ram, I hate bad people, I won’t become Raavan, I will become a police officer like mum and put goons in jail. Raghu sees Dhanak. Dhanak says you will stay away from bad people. Ronak says promise, I love you mumma. Dhanak thinks I have given right values to our child. Raghu thinks I m such a man who he hates, what shall I do. He leaves. Akshay calls Dhanak and says the merger has happened, some RJ industries… we are working for it, I don’t know about it, I heard its some NRI, I need a favor, the owner is hosting a party today, I got mail for its security arrangements, I want you to manage it. She says I can’t leave Ronak alone and come. He says get Ronak there, our company is funded by RJ, RJ is coming, he is imp, we have to be there. She says okay, see you there. They think who is RJ.

Dhanak manages the security at RJ mansion. People talk about RJ. Akshay says you all will get the answers when RJ comes. Dhanak compliments Ronak and Akshay’s choice. Akshay says I know. Ronak asks whose house is this. Dhanak says Akshay’s boss RJ. Ronak says I wish our house was like this. Dhanak asks him not to get too far. He goes to play. She says I wish I could tell Ronak that Raghu is…. Akshay says you still have an option, you would have understood that I m still waiting for your yes. Dhanak says I have told you my decision. He says decisions can change, when I see Ronak, I feel I see myself, after my wife and child went away, I feel alone, I also want a complete family, I will become a good father and show. She says I trust you, problem is mine, I won’t be able to do justice with any such relation, no one can come in my life now.

RJ comes. Reporters go to see him. They click pics. Dhanak and Akshay go to receive him. RJ sees Dhanak. He gets down the car. Dhanak smiles. Raghu is RJ. Dhanak and Akshay get shocked. Dhanak says Raghu…. and falls back. Raghu holds her in arms. Kabhi baatein…Raghu asks are you surprised, I have done this for you, you had a problem with my identity, I changed my identity, from a goon to a decent man, you won’t be ashamed to call me your husband, Ronak won’t be ashamed to call me his dad. Ronak comes there and calls him out. Raghu goes to Ronak. Dhanak says Raghu is RJ, I didn’t think from this angle. Akshay says who could think of this, I will find out RJ’s truth.

Precap: Raghu and Dhanak dance on Malang…. Akshay gets angry. Raghu threatens to tell the truth to Ronak if she doesn’t tell him.


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