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Mahindra comes in the police station. He sees Dhanak in prison and says she is my daughter. Officer says who are you? Mahindra says she is my daughter. Inspector says she became with a guy, she appears educated but you need to show that they may be married. Dhanak says I’m no longer. Mahindra says they’re married. Does Inspector say what goes on? Dhanak says I don’t accept this wedding ceremony. Inspector says then we are able to document FIR. Mai comes there. She seems at Raghu in jail. Mahindra requests Mai to tell the truth that they’re married. Mai says what are you saying? I don’t recognise you, I don’t know what your daughter does outdoor on the avenue at night, she tells the inspector that they are no longer married. Raghu asks her that don’t do this. Mai says you did cheating and now she will be able to undergo punishment. Mahindra says they’re mendacity. Inspector says prevent all this, he asks to file an FIR. Mahindra cries. Mai says to Raghu that i will wait for you. She asks a lawyer to bail. Raghu seems at Dhanak. Dhanak thinks what approximately my IPS dream?

Maya is angry and says Mai isn’t selecting up name. Bai says she can convey Raghu earlier that the morning. Maya says he is with Dhanak all night, I can’t see them together. Mai comes there. She says to Maya that you’ll marry Raghu, Dhanak will remain in jail. Mai says now Raghu will concentrate on me and marry you. Mahindra comes there and says you lied to me? Mai says you can analyze from me. Does she say why are you shouting? Mahindra says you lied to me, cheated me. Maya asks him to hold voice down. Does Mahindra say why didn’t you store Dhanak? her dream will destroy. Does Mai say I wanted to help you however.. flashback shows how Mai asked the attorney how she will separate Raghu from Dhanak? attorney says if FIR is filed on her then she can grow to be an IPS officer, the flashback ends. Mai says to Mahindra that I bailed my son, you could keep your daughter, she is gone now from this chawl.

Mai sees auto coming in chawl and thinks Raghu is coming. Dhanak comes down. Mai is shocked. Mahindra hugs her and cries. Does Mai say how this befell? Dhanak glares at her and says what occurred? you are stunned? you observed you can throw me out of this chawl? the law will paintings here any longer and i can live right here. She leaves with Mahindra. Does Maya say how this took place?

Raghu prays in mandir and thanks Ganpati for saving Dhanak too. Aslam receives the name and says sure Raghu is with me.

Mahindra says thank God you are right here. Dhanak says God is with desirable humans, don’t fear now. Dhanak thinks that what did Raghu say to police that they left me?

Flashback suggests how Raghu requested Dhanak to just accept their wedding that allows you to get out of prison, she says in no way. Raghu sees inspector submitting an FIR and says deliver me a risk, i will prove that we are married. An officer brings him out. Raghu takes his cellular and indicates his pheras with Dhanak. Does Inspector say you married her for actual? Raghu says she is my spouse, we are preventing, you face that too? Does he say it happens all of the time, what’s your problem? Raghu says she keeps shouting. Inspector asks to lose Dhanak. Dhanak comes out and thanks you, inspector. Inspector says it befell due to Raghu, the flashback ends. Aslam says now she turns into an IPS. Raghu says she is my spouse, her dreams are mine, i will hold trying to win her over.

Dhanak thinks that he freed me from jail so I’m able to forgive him? in no way.

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