Gathbandhan 22nd February 2019 Written Episode Update. Voot Gathbandhan 22 February 2019 Full Episode of Colors Tv hindi drama serial Gathbandhan full show episodes on Apne Tv.

Dhanak beats punching bag. Raghu stops her and says you can beat me, take out anger on me. Dhanak says I will take revenge from you, you have forced me so much. Raghu says I didnt want to force you, I love you, I did a mistake but I love you, I dont know what is right or wrong but I will keep holding your hand for life. Dhanak glares at him. Raghu holds her hand. Raghu says beat me but wear my mangalsutra and sindoor, I am sorry. Dhanak says you have broken my self-confidence, you have made marriage a joke, I will pray that it doesnt happen with any girl, I pledge that I will make these forceful pheras a hell for you, she leaves. Raghu prays to Bappa that fulfill Dhanak’s wishes and end her hatred.

Maya takes knife and says I will kill Dhanak. Mai says what will you get? Raghu will hate you so much and you will go to jail. Mai takes knife from her. Maya says do something, take Dhanak out of his life. Mai says let me think. She gets call and says really? She smirks and tells Maya that I have plan to solve this.

Mai comes to Dhanak’s house. She greets everyone and calls lawyer. Dhanak says you are so shameless, get lost. Mai says I will leave after my work is done. Mai gives divorce papers to Dhanak and ask her to sign them. Dhanak says what are these papers for? Mai says its useful for you, its your and Raghu’s divorce papers, I dont like this forceful relation. Dhanak says I dont accept this marriage so I wont sign these papers. Mai asks lawyer to tell her.

Lawyer says he did proper marriage with you which is accepted by law, we have recording of your marriage so its enough for court, Raghu showed it to police and only then they let you go, you have to divorce to move ahead. Dhanak says to Mai that I dont trust you. Mai says now I know her drama, you want to keep Raghu to yourself, you love him? I saw you with him, you were in auto with him too. Dhanak shouts that how dare you accuse me of that? I dont love him. She takes papers and sign them, she says now I am free. Mai hugs her and leaves.

Maya dances around and thanks Mai seeing divorce papers. Mai says I trapped her. Maya says now Raghu will be mine. Raghu comes there and takes divorce papers. Mai says I am freeing you from Dhanak, she is not for you. Raghu looks at signed papers. He comes in chawl and calls everyone there. Raghu asks Dhanak to come out. Dhanak says they keep doing drama. She comes out with family. Raghu dances around infront of Dhanak. He blows a kiss to her and says public is here for hero and heroine, he thanks her and says this is all for you. Dhanak says what rubbish is this? Raghu says she gave me divorce papers as a gift. Man says what?

Raghu says she signed these papers so it means she accept this marriage and my love, this is best gift, what I couldnt do, she did it. Raghu says to Mai that you made our relation stronger, I wont sign in this life. Dhanak have made this relation solid and now I will make her love me. He starts dancing more. Dhanak glares at him and leaves. Mai says Raghu have gone mad. She leaves. Dhanak goes in house and thinks that I have to teach them in their language.

Precap:- Gathbandhan 22 February 2019 Written Update. Raghu gives invitation card for their reception to Dhanak. She tears it and leaves. Batli says what if she doesnt come? Raghu says I pray from my heart and universe will listen to me someday.


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