Gathbandhan 23rd April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Dhanak says to Raghu that the following day is characteristic, we can speak about sending Swati to jail, she can ship letter to Bablu if she is worried and if she isn’t always then we will recognise. Raghu says i’m hoping the whole lot seems well.

In morning. Aslam strikes with Sejal of their residence. Haldi falls on his blouse. She blushes and says sorry. ASlam says I got here to place sack right here, your father turned into taking this here by myself and also you messed my shirt. She says deliver your blouse. he is taking it off, she looks away and goes together with his shirt. Sejal brings his blouse again however its all colored. She is embarrassed. Aslam says it was white earlier than. Sejal says sorry water had coloration, wear it you will look cheap. Aslam is hurt and says its k to look reasonably-priced, he leaves.

Mai is cooking in kitchen for feature. Maya says what we will do about Dhanak? Mai says dont worry, I made her don from an officer, i have a plan, she cant comeback from that and cant prevent us, i’m making plans something big after which i’m able to train her lesson. Dhanak comes there and asks what she is making? Mai says its pooja these days. Dhanak asks to call Swati and asks Raghu to work rapid. Raghu says you are my wife so dont order me round, I pay attention to my mother most effective. Dhanak says she listens to me now. Raghu says she does the whole thing infront, no longer like you to cheat police like this. Aslam brings Swati and says I want to offer you a marvel, you will meet your dad and mom in prison nowadays. Swati hugs her. Mai smirks and says such terrific paintings, i can make kheer for them. Raghu is tensed. Aslam says pooja will begin quickly. Mai says Dhanak will do aarti these days. I pray that she becomes super don, Swati’s father is useless but we must ship parsad so i can make it. Dhanak thinks that she desires to hold me busy in pooja so she will do what she wishes.

Pooja begins. Raghu prays for Mai to not do some thing incorrect. Raghu says wherein did Mai move? Dhanak says our plan is running. we are able to recognise the entirety soon.
Mai gets dressed in burqa and starts offevolved leaving chawl.

Dhanak comes to Swati. Swati indicates her drawing she made for Bablu. Dhanak takes its photo.

Mai is in burqa. Dhanak comes out of house and nods at Raghu. She sees girl leaving burqa and is going behind her. Mai appears in trash bag and envelope. Dhanak sees it and thinks it have to be from Bablu. She sees Dhanak and hides. Dhanak is going to girl in burqa and takes to the air their veils however its someone else.

Mai comes to house. Mai says she became following me to find what i’m doing? she will be able to never appearance in lunchbox. She packs it but Raghu comes and forestalls her.

Precap: Dhanak involves Mai and asks whats in lunchbox? We saw leaving chawl.


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