Gathbandhan 23rd April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Bai stops Mai and says you have to stand in line for washroom as you’re commoner, Dhanak said it. Mai says nobody can alternate me, I may be good infront of her but will no longer observe her at the back of her bac, i will stand in line here. girls begin taunting her that her daughter in law introduced her on line. Vidya’s daughter asks Mai if she will move first. Mai acts satisfactory and says k. other female asks if she will be able to cross first too? Mai controls her anger and says ok. She says to Bai that gun brings electricity and fear in hand.

Mai comes home and thinks that no one used to question my strength and now i’m serving drinks to goons. Goons are there. They ask Mai to bring more liquids. Dhanak comes there and says its enough, shall we begin running. Dhanak thinks all goons are here.

Raghu is working on his stall and looks round for goons. He sees an old guy going to police station. guy says I want to meet Bablu, i am his uncle. Raghu hears this and thinks he is probably that goon. Uncle is going in jail.

Dhanak asks Mai to carry pakoras. Mai leaves. Dhanak asks goons to start operating on month’s incomes. Mai brings pakoras. Dhanak says our gang leader is in jail, we can loose Bablu. Mai says you are new on this subject. You cant placed us all in threat for him. All agree. Dhanak thinks who’s with Bablu?

Bablu meets his uncle in prison. He says He says to uncle that letter must attain proper man or woman, wide variety is 9211.
Uncle comes out of prison and places letter in pocket. Raghu sees it and follows him. Uncle is walking on avenue. Raghu runs at the back of him and says hi mama.. i am working for Bablu. He attempts to take letter, uncles pushes him away and runs. Raghu receives up and sees letter fallen on street. he is taking it.

Dhanak says to goons that we have to save our chief. She gets call from Raghu and he tells her that Bablu’s uncle met him, I were given a few letter from him. Dhanak ends name and ends meeting.

Dhanak and Raghu appears at letter, it says that ‘start will shine’. Dhanak says uncle simply provide letter to Bablu’s proper hand guy. he’s going to comeback to search for letter and doesnt recognize whats interior. She adjustments letter and puts it on street. Uncle comes there and takes latter. Dhanak and Raghu begins following him. he is crossing road however gets hit with the aid of a truck. Raghu and Dhanak runs to him. Raghu sees letter long past from his pocket. Dhanak says i’m able to go searching, you take him to clinic.
Dhanak sees a woman in veil taking letter out of postbox and thinks that she had envelope like I created, she is a part of Bablu’s gang but who is she? lady in veil is available in residence and takes to the air her veil, its Mai most effective. Mai smirks.

Precap: Raghu is making an attempt to manipulate a bus. Dhanak hugs children which are in bus. One lady in bus says which you cant store this as breaks are failed. She indicates bomb connected to her. Dhanak shouts for Raghu to address bus.


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