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Raghu asks Mai what is in lunchbox? Mai says its nothing. Raghu says its kheer right? He endeavors to open it yet Mai stops him. Dhanak comes there and says you need to open it, we saw you concealing envelope in it, what’s going on here? Mai says goodness, spies live in my home? Raghu says dont divert us. Mai opens lunchbox yet there is not much.

Dhanak opens chamber underneath and discovers envelope, she asks whats this? peruse it and I guarantee I wont give anything a chance to transpire. Raghu says let us know. Mai opens envelope and there is only some cash inside. Raghu looks on. Mai says I went to Salim wear. Dhanak says why cover at that point? Mai says I didnt need to let you know, my propensities for compromising individuals wont go this way, I undermined him and took some cash, I cannot live without my blackmail cash.

Dhanak thinks then who took Bablu’s envelope that day? Dhanak puts her hand on Raghu and requests that her guarantee on Raghu’s head. Mai is strained and doesnt guarantee. Mai says I completed one more act, I drank wine the previous evening. Dhanak grins and embraces her. Mai says abandon me, I wont give you cash. Raghu puts on music and begins moving around Mai. Mai says what? She begins hitting the dance floor with him. Dhanak grins seeing them and imagines that Mai didnt let Raghu down.

Sejal says to Preeti that Dhanak change, she had put sword on our dad, she is wear’s better half all things considered. Aslam comes there and says Raghu transformed, he isn’t a wear any longer, he procures hard cash, you know Dhanak, she may look terrible yet you will be dazed when truth turns out, I am certain something is behind this.

Swati comes to police headquarters with Dhanak and Raghu. Officer takes her inside to meet Bablu. Raghu says to Dhanak that I am glad Mai isn’t behind this. Dhanak says yet genuine guilty party tricked us, we need to discover who is working for Bablu from outside.

Around evening time, Dhanak is in her room and takes a gander at sky. She reviews message identified with stars and says I’m not catching that’s meaning?

In morning, Raghu brings a work of art for Swati that she made for Bablu, he says jailor requested that I take it back as its not permitted. Dhanak is dazed to see painting. She says to Swati that you didnt include stars? Swati says my educator included stars, she said its 5-star meeting. Raghu says you made it fine, he takes Swati for school. Dhanak takes a gander at painting and says her educator Sheetal made 5-stars and composed 5 on star? Raghu comes there. Dhanak says I realize who is helping Bablu.

Lady in cloak comes in mandir. She removes her cloak and its Sheetal as it were.

Dhanak reveals to Raghu that Swati’s educator Sheetal is helping Bablu. Dhanak says see this work of art, Sheetal added stars which is identified with message ‘when stars will sparkle’, at that point Sheetal included 5 number star so she is arranging something on fifth. Raghu says fifth is today so they are intending to accomplish something. Dhanak says they more likely than not left for it, Dhanak calls officer and gives him tip about Sheetal. She closes call and joins stars on painting, it turns out be a guide.

Sheetal’s partner says we will accomplish something significant today.

Dhanak sees Mumbai’s guide. Raghu reveals to her that this street is close patio nursery. Dhanak says they are wanting to accomplish something on this street yet what their arrangement is?

Precap Upcoming Gathbandhan Episode Update: Raghu spares school children and supposes I was a wear yet I felt so great sparing others life. Dhanak holds his hand transport and supposes he spared others today and satisfied his guarantee. All of a sudden transport begins tumbling from bluff.


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