Gathbandhan 24th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Dhanak prays to God to convey Raghu lower back to her. Raghu is consuming wine. Maya comes to him. Raghu says everything goes wrong. Maya says our friendship will in no way alternate. Raghu is under the influence of alcohol and says I dont apprehend some thing, my lifestyles is jogging far from me. Maya silently places powder in his drink.

Dhanak says to Bappa that i love him a lot, please provide him lower back to me, I wont ask for anything else. Maya offers spiked drink to Raghu and makes him drink it. He asks for greater. Maya brings greater drink. Raghu says I sense dizzy. Maya pulls him nearer and says the whole thing might be great, dont fear. She makes him lie down and actions nearer.

Dhanak sees heavy winds blowing and protects diya in mandir. She says I agree with you God, you will shield my love. Maya moves closer to Raghu, he is intoxicated and says Dhanak.. i like you lots, I cant live without you, he is going to sleep. Maya gets irritated and beverages wine.

In morning, Mai comes to Maya and says you’ve got a glow in your face. Maya says I didnt do whatever, I didnt get my danger. Mai says what? Dhanak was now not there and Raghu become with you. Maya says however he became taking her name only. Mai says you are useless. Raghu comes there and says i’ve a headache. Mai says i have an idea, she asks Maya to convey lemonade. Raghu recollects flashback whilst he had a headache, Dhanak gave him a massage, he threw a match however she kept massaging. Raghu says your fingers have magic. Flashback ends. Maya attempts to massage Raghu’s head, he says i am pleasant. Maya says Mai requested it. She makes Raghu lie down and is set to massage his head. Dhanak comes there and says I.. Raghu regrettably looks at her. Dhanak says this balm will paintings. Maya says i will observe it. Raghu says let her be Maya. Dhanak smiles and says you will be exceptional Raghu. She applies balm on his brow. Maya is irritated and leaves.

Maya involves Mai and says we have to take care of this Dhanak, she doesnt allow me move close to Raghu. Mai says you cant do whatever. Maya says to Mai that we need to do something.

Precap: Maya publicizes in chawl that she is marrying Raghu in few days. She asks Raghu to invite Dhanak. Raghu gives wedding ceremony card to Dhanak and ask her to come back. Dhanak is harm.


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