Gathbandhan 25th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Raghu is expecting Dhanak to are available in reception.

Dhanak is in her room. Parag comes there and says you need to pass down. She says in no way. Parag says your officer is downstairs.

Dhanak comes in reception and meets her officer. He says your husband saved inviting me for you so I thought to return right here. Aslam says to Batli that Raghu played properly. Officer asks where is your husband? Raghu comes there all dressed up. Dhanak glares at him. He smiles at her and asks her to give hand. He asks officer to inform her. He holds her hand and smirks. Dhanak glares at him. Mai comes there and holds Raghu. Raghu says I knew you will are available my reception. Mai says you have to take choice nowadays if you need to be along with your Mai or this girl, their cant be two swords in a single stand, you need to decide

Whom you need. Raghu says you realize i like you, this isn’t honest. Mai says you select her or me. She shows him poison bottle and says Mai or Dhanak? Raghu leaves Dhanak’s hand, he is taking poison bottle from Mai and hugs her. He says you’re my God, I can’t allow something manifest to you, i can cease myself these days. Raghu beverages poison. All are taken aback. Dhanak tries to prevent him. Raghu says to Mai that you both are my love, I’m able to die for you but I can’t live without Dhanak, he says sorry to Mai and Dhanak. He smiles at Dhanak and falls down. Dhanak screams Raghu. Maya grabs her and says you have got accomplished this. Dhanak says go away me, I’m able to save him. Dhanak runs to Raghu and asks him to maintain his eyes open. She asks Parag to tie his veins. She asks Aslam to deliver things. Raghu seems at her and sees her panicking for him, he smiles at her. Dhanak places a water pipe in his mouth and makes him cough. Poison comes out. Dhanak puts his head on her lap and says the whole thing is first-class. Mai brings Raghu on the couch and hugs him. Raghu maintains looking at Dhanak and smiles. Aslam and Batali take him from there.

Dhanak sits in mandir and cries. She says plenty of things changed in a moment, I don’t understand what to do, my coronary heart and mind aren’t being attentive to each other. health practitioner tests Raghu and says you may be exceptional quickly. Raghu says don’t fear approximately me. He seems at Dhanak’s window and thinks that quickly she will understand my love. the medical doctor gives him injection. Raghu winces. physician laughs. Mai beats medical doctor and says don’t snicker at my son, doctor leaves. Mai slaps Raghu and says you are my lifestyles, you wanted to go away me? don’t ever do this once more. Raghu says you brought that poison there, Mai hugs him and thinks that I ought to do something huge to get Dhanak out of his existence.

Precap:- Mahindra says to Dhanak that i have discovered an awesome marriage inspiration for you, he loves abroad, when you are married then these issues will end. Aslam hears it and tells Raghu, he says Dhanak agreed to it. Raghu says she married, she cant try this, he runs to speak to her.


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