Gathbandhan 26th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Raghu tries to manipulate bus but he cant observe breaks. Police vans come close to bus. Dhanak transports children from bus to vehicles and police salute to her. Raghu asks Dhanak to leap too. Dhanak says I cant move without you, we will stay and die together, she says lets cross. Raghu says I wont soar until you go out. Dhanak says I wont depart with out you. Raghu says dont be mad. Dhanak says shall we go, we will soar. She tries to tug however Raghu tries to govern bus. It moves with a barrier and falls from cliff, Raghu falls from wind protect and is putting from bus. Dhanak holds his hand. Raghu says my time has come, go away my hand and keep your lifestyles, suppose that you will live my lifestyles. Dhanak says try, dont lose desire. I wont permit something appear to you. She screams for help. Raghu says love is lovely, I simply need thanks for coming in my existence, you convert my life, you made me stay, all my moments with are unforgetable. Dhanak says attempt as soon as. Raghu says I did the entirety for you from coronary heart, I notion to stay my life with you, Dhanak says you have to satisfy many promises, nobody can fulfill my promises like you do. Raghu says you’re glad with me then the whole lot is excellent. Dhanak says you’re an honest man. She asks him to try. She pulls and asks him to try. Raghu jumps and jumps in bus. Dhanak hugs him and says dont communicate about death again. abruptly bus loses balance and falls from cliff.

Police is attempting to find Raghu and Dhanak in jungle. All own family members are expecting Dhanak and Raghu. Mai says I wont spare Dhanak today. Police arrives there. Inspector tells own family that Dhanak and Raghu’s bus fell from cliff. All are bowled over. Officer says that they saved kids but they.. we couldnt find them. Maya says nothing passed off to my Raghu. Officer says twist of fate changed into horrific, I dont assume they’re.. Mai shouts no. cross and look for them. Officer leaves. Mai says nothing passed off to them, they have to see my anger, they cant die before that. She asks Nani to take Mahindra home. Mahindra says do you understand what occurred? our youngsters’ lives are in danger. Mai says my son is a lion, if i’m alive then he’s alive too and he’ll no longer permit whatever manifest to Dhanak, anybody can say whatever however we are respiratory so our children are respiratory, your love and my hatred will hold them alive. Mahindra leaves. Mai is tensed.

Precap Upcoming Gathbandhan Episode Update: Police searches jungle for them. Raghu is lying injured there.


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