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Dhanak says marriage again? Mahindra says its a very good inspirationhe is settled in Canada, you can go away and troubles will resolvesimply say sure. Dhanak says however. He says consider me, say yes. Dhanak says I trust you. Mahindra says dont let Raghu and Mai knowapproximately this, they may be coming nowadaysi can make the whole lot right. Dhanak says okay and hugs him. Aslam and Batli hears it.

Aslam tells Raghu approximately Dhanak’s proposal. Raghu says she married me, she cant do thati’m able to stop her.

Raghu involves Dhanak and thinks I must be cautious. Raghu says to her that you had been an ideal wife to shop me. Dhanak says I did that for humanity and could do for everyonei am now not a goon like you. She turns to leave. Raghu holds her dupatta, she glares at him. She says depart it, he says

no. Dhanak says Raghu! Raghu says you cant be away from me. Dhanak says we are becominghappiness so dont do some thing, she leaves her dupatta. Raghu falls down.
Aslam tells Raghu the whole thing is under manage. A automobile stops and circle of relativescomes out. Raghu eyes them. Father asks in which Mahindra lives? Raghu says you are right hereto peer a femalemom says yes. Raghu eyes them.

Raghu brings own family to residence and entertains circle of relativesmother asks where is Mahindra? Aslam brings juices for them. Raghu says have it, you may experience. Raghu thinks that they wont be capable of see whatever for 2 days. Father asks that his elder sister for married and now they’re marrying their different daughter to us? Raghu says what? you’re right here to peer other daughter? he is taking juices from them and says sure Dhanak married earlier thanSejal, i’m their son in law but more like a son. Mai comes there and thinks who are they? Raghu says lets move, they have to waitingown family greets Mai and leaves. Mai stops Batli and asks who’re they? Batli says they are here to peer Sejal. Mai thinks that i’m able to break it.

Mahindra opens door to locate Raghu there. Raghu brings circle of relatives there, all are tensed. Raghu says welcome them, they have been soliciting for you so I brought them heremother says Raghu handled us properly, you human beings didnt inform whilst Dhanak married? Raghu says it occurred urgently. Dhanak is tensed and says please listen Raghu.
Dhanak brings Raghu in room. Raghu says why didnt you inform me they had been coming for Sejal? i was about to send them away. Dhanak cries and says please, I cant bear it anymore, its approximately my sister’s life, please dont destroy it, her marriage broke once due to me and if it happens again then I wont be able forgive myself, she folds her palms. Raghu says I simply want to help. Dhanak says I simply want you to be away, promise to not spoil this wedding. Raghu holds her hand and says I promise to now not do something to wreck this wedding ceremony, wipe your tears and cross. Dhanak leaves. Raghu says I just want to look you smile. Mai hides and hears all that.

family tells Mahindra that we love Sejal, we’re right here for 3 days so shall we get marriage achieved and we can take her. Mahindra says how can we set up so soon? Raghu says dont worryi can do everything. Mai comes there and says Bahu.. Raghu thinks she is set to do some thing.

PRECAP- man’s mom tells Dhanak that she need to wear mangalsutra. Mai says you’re proper and makes Dhanak put on sindoor and mangalsutra infront of all.


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