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The Episode starts with Maai telling Sakku about her deal with Dhanak. She says Dhanak won’t take Ronak. She asks Laxmi about Ronak. Laxmi says he didn’t come today.Raghu sees Ronak and signs him. He whistles and sends a walkie talkie to him. Ronak says I m upset, mum is not letting me go out, we are shifting, we packed clothes. Raghu thinks what is he saying. He shows chocolates and passes in the basket. He cheers up Ronak. He asks Ronak to give chocolate to convince Dhanak. Ronak takes the chocolate and goes to Dhanak. He hides about Raghu. She says the kids who lie, Bappa takes them at night. Ronak says no, Raghu had given the chocolate to convince you. She says no, tell him I won’t agree. He says no, it will be my insult. She tickles him.

Akshay comes and asks what’s going on.She asks you here. He says yes, uncle told me you are shifting, I know you are self independent. Ronak says I want to go downstairs, Akshay tell her to let me go. Akshay says I permit you to go and play, remember mummy’s rules. Dhanak says don’t talk to strangers and don’t go out of chawl. Akshay says your champion uncle is also a stranger, okay. Ronak nods. He goes.

Akshay says we will solve your problem, I have a big house, you can stay there with your family, the idea is good. She says thanks for everything, I don’t know if I can repay the favors. He asks how do you get such words. He jokes and laughs. Maai comes to play with Raghu. She asks him when will he start the work again. He says never, I will do work sincerely, by which I earn respect, we will talk later. Ronak comes. Maai asks how are you, come. She asks him to eat poha. Raghu looks on. They pamper Ronak.

Ronak says I will tell you a secret, mum refused to take chocolate, and I ate it. Raghu says you did good, I will tell a secret, I got the chocolate for you. They laugh. Raghu says if Dhanak refuses to eat chocolate, how did you convince her. Ronak says I convinced Akshay, he convinced mum. Maai asks did you hear Ronak, kids never lie, Akshay decides for Dhanak, she does what he tells, he is helping her since five years, he gave her a job and support, don’t know what else he gave you, you are my blood, why don’t you get angry. She signs Raghu to see Akshay. Akshay comes downstairs. Raghu asks him to stop.

Raghu shakes hands and says I m Raghu. Akshay says I know. Raghu says our meet started on wrong note, I was angry, I misunderstood you. Akshay says its okay and smiles. Raghu says one more thing, I want to thank you, Dhanak needs support, you gave her courage and job, you took care of her and my son. Akshay says pleasure is all mine, I m lucky to have a friend like her, don’t thank me, take care. He goes.

Maai gets angry and scolds Raghu. She asks why didn’t you beat him. Raghu asks why will I beat him, Dhanak will always be my love, my wife, Akshay took care of her, I should thank him. A man comes to her and says Tai…. She says I m Maai…. He asks for Dhanak. She scolds him. He says I just came to give keys of new house. She says she isn’t here, just go. He gets scared and goes. She goes to Dhanak. Sakku says I think some storm is going to come. Raghu looks on. Dhanak packs her bags. Maai comes and gets angry on her. She asks who gave you a right to take Ronak away, he is my grandson, Raghu can’t stay away from Ronak, its a sin, I always kept this deal, you also keep this deal, you go if you want, but Ronak won’t go anywhere, he will stay here, I won’t let him go from this chawl.

Dhanak’s dad asks how can Ronak stay without Dhanak. Maai scolds him for not thinking of Raghu’s pain. Dhanak asks him to calm down, she will talk to Maai. She asks Maai to just sit. Maai refuses. Dhanak gives her water. She says I know you got hurt by my decision, I didn’t wish to hurt you, its about Raghu and about Ronak also, I know you told the broker that I m not at home, I spoke to him, my decision won’t change now. She says I will go and get keys. She takes Maai’s blessings. She leaves.

She goes to get keys. The man says Maai was dangerous. Raghu says Maai was her Sasumaa and still she is, I m her husband. The man asks what, Dhanak told she is single mother. Maai asks will you hear all the family history, she is my bahu, she is upset with us, she isn’t alone. Maai asks Raghu what will he eat in dinner. She names non veg things. Maai and Raghu laugh. Dhanak says don’t pay attention to their words, stop please, focus on the deal. Maai asks him to go. Dhanak asks which is the flat keys. Raghu scares the man. Maai and Raghu laugh. Dhanak says leave him. Raghu says sorry, I admit my mistake, I will do something special, I will marry you. He makes Dhanak wear garlands. Everyone claps. Dhanak stops Raghu from filling sindoor.

Precap: Dhanak says I will stay here and raise my child, away from you. Raghu looks at her. She says you can’t meet Ronak. He says we shall see if your hatred ends this bond or my love revives it.


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