Gathbandhan 28th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Raghu requests that her not be stressed, grin and appreciate, we are getting hitched. Dhanak attempts to grin. Raghu makes her wear mangalsutra. He fills her temple with sindoor. Mai does their gathbandhan. She discloses to Raghu that I supplicated in mandir, she supposes God made my foe my little girl in law, goodness.

They begin taking pheras. Raghu guarantees that he will love her more than himself. Dhanak guarantees as well. Raghu says I will acquire satisfaction her life. Dhanak says I will remain as his quality dependably. Raghu says I will confide in you more than myself. Raghu says our connection will be for births. Dhanak says truly, you are mine dependably. Raghu says we won’t change in any tempest, we won’t lose one another.

Dhanak supposes I will never lose him. Dhanak says I am deficient without you, I am dependably with you. All applaud them. Magistrate touches base there with police. Magistrate shouts to Dhanak. Dhanak begins crying. Raghu asks what was the deal? He salutes magistrate and asks is there something incorrectly? Chief says we have requests to capture him. All are shocked. Dhanak takes sleeves and captures Raghu, he says what’s going on with you? Mai asks what’s happening with you? stop it, you got hitched.
Magistrate says capture Aslam, Maya, Mai and Bai. Mai asks what was the deal? Official says Lakshmi got captured and acknowledged her wrongdoing. Flashback reviews how Mai had taken Raghu, Aslam, Batli and Maya in vehicle when she transported drugs. Official says Mai leaded that medication dealing, she transported medications to Nasik and 4 individuals kicked the bucket as a result of it, genuine offender is Mai and she caught all of you. Mai says you should be mixed up, I dont know any Lakshmi, we dont sell drugs.

Raghu asks Dhanak to stop this, they lied. Dhanak captures Mai. Mai yells at her and discloses to Raghu that you needed to wed this young lady? Dhanak begins taking Mai and Raghu from that point and cries. All are stunned.

Mai and Raghu are in prison. Dhanak says Mai was associated with medication case. Raghu says dont lie. Mai says she is telling truth, I was the person who transported medications to Nasik. Raghu is stunned. Later a guard slaps Mai.

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