Gathbandhan 29th March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Vidya says to Mai that this is my vicinity. Mai says i am not scared of you, i am a don. Vidya says its excellent you’re together with your goons, we will take care of everybody. Raghu asks Vidya to go away Dhanak. Vidya says your son is prepared to place you at stake for his spouse. Mai says stop, bring my daughter in law. Vidya points gun at her and says i will finish this remember. Goon brings Dhanak there. Mai and Raghu are shocked to see her situation. She is crushed and stumbling with ache in ft. Raghu tries to visit her but Mai stops him. Raghu says to Bablu that how dare you contact her. Vidya says she brought here as police officer however i will end all. Raghu says lets play sport now. He whistles. all of sudden a vehicle arrives there with Bai. She brings Vidya’s daughter from automobile who’s on crutches. Bablu says Choti..

Raghu says you have got a weak point too, your daughter Swati is with us now. Vidya says dont you dare. Raghu says depart my spouse and take her. Vidya says that is my location. Raghu says your daughter will die in case you do whatever. Bablu says this isn’t always right, he soots in air. all of sudden a combat begins. Vidya attacks Mai however Dhanak beats her. Bai runs to combat as well. She takes Mai from there. Dhanak beats Vidya. Swati is crying for her dad and mom. Raghu asks Aslam to deal with Swati. Aslam takes Swati from there. Bai says to Mai that Dhanak beat them so properly. Bablu points gun at Mai. Raghu sees it ands starts strolling there. Dhanak says no Raghu. Dhanak runs and stands infront of Bablu earlier than Raghu can shoot him. Raghu shoots and mistakenly bullet hits Dhanak. All stop. Raghu is shocked. Dhanak falls down. Raghu runs to her and says what did you do? She is faint. Raghu hugs her.

Raghu is in vehicle with Dhanak. Naina performs. Aslam brings them to clinic. Raghu holds her in his fingers and takes her interior. He asks for physician. physician says this is police case. Raghu says it become my mistake, do some thing. health practitioner begins taking her. Dhanak wakes up and says Raghu.. please be fine, Raghu says you’ll continue to be with me, I may be with you, I will be an amazing person. doctor takes her in operation theater. Raghu is concerned and says I wont be able to live with out her. Raghu sees her getting dealt with in OT. He asks nurse. Nurse says she is important, we are attempting. Raghu lamentably sits down and recollects their moments together. He starts offevolved crying for her.

Precap Upcoming Gathbandhan episode update: Raghu comes to mazar to wish for Dhanak. Dhanak is dropping lifestyles. She lifestyles line goes immediately in OT.


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