Gathbandhan 29th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Police are hunting down Dhanak and Raghu in wilderness.

Raghu is lying harmed in wilderness. He awakens and reviews mishap and thinks Dhanak.. He gets up and cries in torment. He yells for Dhanak and tumbles down.

Sejal comes to mandir and cries. Aslam brings tissue for her, she says no way. Aslam says dont stress, Mai is sure, she is a mother, Sejal says yet Mahindra.. Aslam says you need to control him, you are senior of house. Sejal gestures. Mai comes there and approaches Aslam to go for work.

Raghu climbs a few stones and glances around. He shouts Dhanak and glances around. He discovers Dhanak lying under a tree. He hurries to her and checks her breathing, he cries cheerfully observing that she is alive. He lies with her there.

Mai asks Sejal how is your dad? She sees Mahindra strained. He comes there and says I will go. Sejal says I will run with you, dont stress, God is with them, I am going to police headquarters, you proceed to take rest. Mahindra says you grew up.

Raghu puts hand on Dhanak’s hand. She moves and awakens. She grins seeing Raghu there. He gets up and says nothing transpired. He holds her hand and makes her hop on his back. He begins strolling with her, falak tak chal plays. The two of them take rest under a passage. Dhanak reviews Raghu thoroughly taking care of her, she gazes at him and grins. She bounces on his back and embraces him. Raghu begins strolling once more. He is getting chafed by sun, Dhanak puts hand over his face to secure him. Raghu grins.

Bablu’s goons are looking for Dhanak and Raghu as well.

Raghu and Dhanak takes rest in wilderness. He attempts to get organic product from tree. Dhanak tosses stone and gets it. Raghu says pleasant shot. The two of them eat mangoes. Raghu says lets race. She says alright lets see who wins. The two of them beginning limping and running in wilderness. Raghu flees from her. Goons get Dhanak by rope and draw her back. They snatch Raghu as well.

Precap Upcoming Gathbandhan Episode Update: Goon says to Dhanak that you need to progress toward becoming courageous woman? Your amusement is done. Dhanak shouts for Raghu. Raghu is attempting to escape goons and rushed to her.


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