Gathbandhan 29th March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Mai is available in house and sees Maya dancing. She tells Mai that i have wine for you, we can rejoice, Bablu will visit jail and you will rule this town, that Dhanak is long gone too. Mai ignores her and asks Bai to come back along with her to health facility. Maya says you’re going to meet her? Mai says life doesnt go like this, she saved me so I cant go away her. Maya says so your animosity ended? Mai says i’ve a relation with her, perhaps of hatred but she is my daughter in law, take relaxation and dont fear, she leaves. Maya is angry.

Raghu is crying in medical institution. He recollects how she asked him to be an excellent man. Raghu hears news of police arresting Bablu. He screams.

Mahindra receives call and is stunned, all run to him. Mahindra says Raghu shot Dhanak, she is in hospital. He goes in room and takes gun he snatched from Mai, he hides it.

Mahindra and family involves health facility. They run and take a look at Dhanak in OT. They cry seeing her. Mahindra is angry and thinks Raghu is liable for all this.
Mahindra comes and point gun at Raghu, he says how a great deal you adore my daughter? Raghu says greater than my lifestyles, you cant shoot me, if she dies then there’s no factor in living. He pulls trigger and asks him to shoot. Mahindra is angry however cant shoot him. Mai runs to them and forestalls Mahindra. She says I a your lifestyles, dont worry, doctor is treating her. Raghu cries. Mai asks Mahindra to calm down, ask God to shop her. Aslam takes Raghu from there.
Aslam brings water for Raghu and says you are wrong, she wont comeback if you die, Raghu says what am i able to do? she is there interior combating for lifestyles, what is going to I do? Aslam hugs him and says God’s strength is chiefly, ask him and pray from a very good heart, the whole lot could be exceptional.

Raghu involves dargah. He prays for Dhanak. Tere dar pe dewana performs. Dhanak is fighting for life in OT at the same time as Raghu prays for her.
Raghu ties sacred thread on wall in dargah for Dhanak. He sits out of doors and prays for her. while Dhanak is preventing for remaining breaths. She loses combat and her life line is going flat. Otherside Raghu feels some thing wrong.

PRECAP- Raghu runs from dargah to sanatorium. He is available in OT and appears at Dhanak.


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