Gathbandhan 3rd April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Mai brings Dhanak out of house on wheelchair. She says only this was final. She pulls her up and asks her to strive. Dhanak stands using her aid. A girl sees them and calls absolutely everyone there. They laugh at Mai and whisper that she is making Mai do what others couldnt do. Mai stops and throws slipper on them. She says Dhanak you have got executed this. She takes her from there. She brings her to washroom and asks her to head internal. Dhanak is going in. All ladies snigger at her. Mai smirks and remembers how Dhanak had locked her.

Raghu comes domestic and sees Dhanak missing. Mai comes there and shows him keys. Raghu says its washroom keys, what you did? Mai says she asked to visit washroom so I left her there. Raghu says have you gone mad? He runs to washroom. Mai says she isn’t always here. Mai tells him that she despatched Dhanak to her family, she will become fine while she stays together with her own family. Raghu hugs her and says you probably did great. Dhanak comes there together with her sisters and says my family is here. Raghu says why did you come back right here? Dhanak says this is my house now so peace is right here. Raghu makes her sit down down and goes to send her sisters away. Mai smirks and thinks she came returned to bounce over my head. Dhanak says I wont depart easily.

Raghu comes and gives medicinal drug to Dhanak. Raghu says i have a information. Raghu says human beings are going to give a medal to Dhanak, she could be honored through officials. Mai says she made Bable visit jail and now she will get us arrested, you dont remember the fact that she is a snake? She leaves. Raghu smiles at Dhanak unfortunately.

Mai appears at 7 promises Dhanak wrote and says I wont spare her.In morning, Raghu is taking care of Dhanak. Mai is angry and says he became a lion and now this. Maya comes there and says you stated to preserve her as servant and now she is making us work. Mai glares at her. Mai calls Raghu. Raghu comes there with Poha. Mai asks him to look at him, you dont appear like a don. She asks him to deliver bucket of water. Raghu brings it. Mai glares at him and throws water at him, she says ram ram satay hai. All are bowled over. Mai says i’m freeing you, i am no longer your mother now, i am lifeless for you. Raghu says what are you saying? forestall this. Mai slaps him and says considering the fact that this girl got here, you have sidelined me, she is a gold and i’m trash? Raghu says i am operating to be on proper course. Mai says did she depart her IPS degree for her? however you are geared up to go away your paintings for her? How we will earn? you need to pick her or me. Raghu says dont say that. Mai says in case you wont work as don then leave. Raghu says I promise to by no means comeback here without work. Mai asks him to vow on her head. Raghu says I wont throw Dhanak out of house. Mai says i’m now not asking that, i have were given work, one goon is coming to marketplace, you have to gather money. Raghu seems at Dhanak, she shakes her head. Mai says you cant do it. Raghu remembers his promises to Dhanak. Raghu says i’m able to move, i will carry money of extortion to you, I promise you. He places hand on her head and guarantees. Dhanak is taken aback.

Precap Upcoming Gathbandhan episode update: Dhanak asks Raghu to forestall it. Raghu says I did appropriate give you the results you want and i will do bad paintings for my Mai. Dhanak says your one mistake can spoil everything we worked on. Raghu doesnt pay attention and asks Mai to take care of Dhanak. He leaves.


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