Gathbandhan 2nd August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Raghu and Dhanak comes back domestic. Dhanak is going to speak to Mai in her room. Raghu hears noises coming from their room, he breaks door. All come there. Dhanak sits in Mai’s toes and request for advantages. Mai smiles and says you win, she blesses her. Raghu hugs Mai and thanks her. Dhanak says our relation is beginning along with her blessings. Mai says shall we entire the marriage. Raghu makes Dhanak wear mangalsutra and sindoor, they both lovingly take a look at each other. Maya asks Mai why she is doing this? Flashback shows how Dhanak came to Mai, Dhanak tells Mai that bless me in any other case Raghu wont start his life with me. Mai shouts at her to leave, i will by no means receive you. Dhanak says i have numerous proofs towards you, you emotionally blackmailed Raghu to marry Maya and then you had been in the back of my kidnapping, present day incident and the whole thing else. Mai says I did all that however you can tell Raghu, I dont care. Dhanak says i will inform him about drug case too, i will tell him the way you lied in prison, I re-opened Lakshmi’s case and determined your call information, she plays Lakshmi and her name in which Mai advised Lakshmi that she has a plan to end this example and dont permit each person recognize about their drug trafficking. Dhanak says i used to be bowled over to hear this. Mai says Lakshmi is lifeless so you cant re-open this case. Dhanak says what about Raghu? whilst he is aware of which you lied to him and made him hate everything for a lie? I dont need to do this but you didnt leave a choice, you need to do two things, you may take care of households who have been affected fatally from drug case and be given as your daughter in law. Flashback ends.

Raghu is excited and buys a saree for Dhanak. He splurges to buy gifts and sees all cash gone from purse.

Dhanak is looking ahead to Raghu and thinks we can begin our new existence these days. Maya glares at her. Saku asks her to relax. Maya says i can kill her this night, she leaves. Saku tells Mai that Maya is about to do some thing.

Maya is set to stab Dhanak with a knife however Mai stops her. Raghu comes there too. Mai slaps Maya and says you wont do anything like this, Raghu is yours, you didnt get him. Raghu tells Maya that i’m chargeable for all this so i’m here, you can stab me. Maya says I wont spare her this time, I need to killed her once I had thrown a dish on her head. Raghu is shocked and says you did that? Maya says yes to be with you. Raghu says I concept I did wrong with you however you don’t have any morals, dont display me your face anymore. Maya says you’re a fool, you realize Mai became concerned in every trick we deliberate on Dhanak, she desired to get free from Dhanak as properly. Raghu is bowled over and asks Mai. Dhanak says yes, she didnt need me on your lifestyles, but she by no means tried to kill me, she in no way even attempted it like Maya did. Maya and Raghu leaves. Dhanak whispers to Mai that you stored me and i saved you, we should live like this together.

Mai remembers Dhanak threatening her that she has to stay silent and receive her relation with Raghu otherwise she cant stay silent and dont you try to kill me, i’ve a letter written which says i’ve a lifestyles chance from you so if some thing happens to me then you definately aren’t safe, now bless me.. Flashback ends. Mai tell Saku. Saku says she performed you, i am burning with anger. Mai smiles and says we need to have a massive defeat so we will revel in victory while it comes.

Dhanak decorates room. Raghu comes and hugs her, he says sorry about Maya’s incident. Dhanak says room is asking suitable. Raghu presents her a night time healthy. She says i’m coming, she goes to exchange. Dhanak comes out carrying a nightie. Dhanak sees Raghu slumbering and says i am right here, he doesnt awaken. She turns to go away but Raghu holds her hand. He pulls her closer and says i was waiting for this moment for so much time, how can i allow it pass?

PRECAP- Saku tells Mai that the following day is teej party. Mai says that Dhanak will rejoice with it as a new bride. She receives prepared. Dhanak is taken aback to see her.


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