Gathbandhan 2nd August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Mahindra says to Preeti that we need to prevent Maya from coming to mandap. Dhanak comes to mandap. Raghu says you are here. Dhanak says dont stress I am here for your wedding. Raghu says its my vulnerability. Dhanak says reveal to me how we will live without one another? Reveal to me why you are doing this? Raghu leaves. Mahindra demonstrates Maya’s photograph to official and says she is my little girl and ranaway from her marriage, would you be able to discover her? Maya and Saku avoids police in market. They sit with homeless people to keep away from police. Maya says I wont save that Dhanak.

Raghu sits in mandap. Lady of the hour comes in cloak. Raghu is strained. Its Dhanak in shroud. Raghu gets some information about Mai. Aslam says she went to mandir to petition God for you. Dhanak believes that I will demonstrate him we have a place together. They trade laurels. Gathbandhan hua plays. Mai comes there and yells to stop this wedding. Raghu says you needed this? Mai says yes with Maya. Maya comes there running. Mai says its Dhanak as lady of the hour. Dhanak removes her shroud. Raghu grins and says you? Mai says stop her, she arranged this, I wont save her, how could you? She hauls Dhanak however Mahindra focuses firearm at Mai and says this is my little girl’s satisfaction and I wont give you a chance to remove it. Maya pushes Dhanak away. Aslam focuses weapon at Maya and says dont you dare. They ask Dhanak and Raghu to run. Dhanak and Raghu sits on bicycle however Mai focuses weapon at Dhanak and requests that her stop. Raghu stands infront of Dhanak. Dhanak says sit with me and run. Raghu grins and says gives up. He sits on bicycle and drive away.

Raghu embraces Dhanak and says you are insane. Dhanak says I am yours. Mai says to Mahindra that I will shoot you. She shoots yet there is no projectile inside, Mahindra says it was vacant. Mai says you think its a joke? I will rebuff you. Dhanak says to Raghu that I was biting the dust supposing somebody would remove you. Raghu says you are insane like me in adoration. dhanak says what? I was kicking the bucket to hear it. Raghu says to Dhanak that I adore you, she says I cherish you as well. Raghu says what regarding legal documents?

Mai says they are separated, she sees no sign on legal documents. Maya says nothing can happen now. Mai says dont you dare say that, he is my child and will never acknowledge her. Dhanak discloses to Raghu that I didnt sign those papers and you didnt check. Dhanak says I need Mai’s gifts. Raghu says we will cause her to hear us out. Dhanak says however we will do it today.

Precap: Raghu is outside Mai’s room and hears things breaking inside. He opens entryway and is stunned.


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