Gathbandhan 2nd July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Raghu says to Dhanak that I dont want your favor, i’m able to pop out of here by myself. Dhanak says please. Raghu looks away and factors her to leave. He thinks that i can neglect what you did with my Mai, you noticed my love until now but now you’ll see my hatred. Dhanak thinks I recognize you are miffed with me however your love will win.

After 15 days, Dhanak is in residence and says Bappa my family is coming returned, they should be indignant on me however i’m able to pacify them. Sejal comes there. Dhanak cooks and says i’m prepared. Preeti says its correct you are glad. Dhanak says they couldnt show anything against Mai and that they got loose, I didnt want to go to pick out them as I wanted to cook and make this day special for them. Dhanak and Sejal comes out of residence to look Mai, Raghu and others entering chawl at the same time as dancing and drinking. Mai is with Raghu’s stall. Raghu drinks wine and glares at Dhanak. Mai jumps from stall and is going in residence. Raghu asks Aslam to to convey hammer. Aslam does. Raghu breaks stall with hammer. dhanak is taken aback and cries. Mai comes there too. Raghu grabs Dhanak and asks Mai to do aarti. Mai does their tilak and aarti but Raghu asks her to do it anti-clockwise. Dhanak says thats not an excellent omen, we can sit and communicate, we are own family. Mai does aarti anti-clockwise. Raghu starts fire and does gathbandhan with Dhanak. He starts offevolved taking pheras in wrong direction and promises to hate her until his dying, in no way permit her smile, your weak spot becomes my electricity, i will smash your reality and religion. he’s taking final phera but Dhanak says sufficient.. I dont recognise what you observed but I accept this relation and wont permit it smash. She doses off fireplace. Raghu glares at her. Dhanak says you believe you studied i am liable for all that? i’m able to come up with so much love that our relation will flourish again. Raghu says our relation ended with incorrect pheras, love ends and hatred starts offevolved. He leaves from there. Dhanak is shocked and falls down. Mahindra says you cherished them so much however they keep doing this with you, include me home. Dhanak says they are now not wrong, thats my home, they’ll be pacified quickly, i will make vicinity in their hearts, Raghu took wrong pheras however no longer me, I know this path his hard but I simply need your benefits. Mahindra hugs her and cries. Dhanak leaves from there.

Raghu seems at promises that Dhanak wrote for him. Dhanak comes there. Raghu says exit. Dhanak says that is my residence so that you cant throw me out. Mai looks on. Dhanak says to Raghu which you took wrong pheras and tried to end this relation now not me. Raghu says we dont want you on this residence. He attempts to throw her out of house but Mai says no, dont throw her out so without difficulty, you married her so she is our daughter in regulation, she wont leave this residence.

PRECAP- Dhanak pleads Mai to comeback domestic. Mai says why dont you ask me if I forgave you or now not? Raghu grabs Dhanak and says you’ve got visible my love till now however now you may see my hatred, welcome to this hell. Dhanak says I recognize I may not love you like you probably did however i’m certain that my love will win over your hatred.


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