Gathbandhan 30th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Goons clutch Dhanak and pull her back. Raghu runs to her however goons snatch him too. Raghu screams for her. Goon says to Dhanak which you want to come to be hero? do some thing now, now i will finish your life. Raghu shouts at him. Goon is going to him and beats him difficult. Dhanak cries for him. Raghu shouts to now not contact her. Goon says she failed our plan, she has to die. Raghu says its our business, dont touch her, you can kill me however dont touch her. Dhanak screams for him. Goon says she is hurt once I harm him? He beats Raghu and says i will kill you both. He attempts to conquer Dhanak however Raghu throws goons away and runs to her. He grabs goon away from her. Dhanak and Raghu beats them collectively. Raghu grabs head goon, goon says you’re a thief and will continue to be thief. Dhanak says dont name him that, she beats him difficult. Raghu pulls her away and says he’ll die, shall we move, he’s taking her from there.

Raghu and Dhanak are in jungle. They find a smartphone there. Raghu tries to name but there is no community. Raghu tries to discover network. Dhanak remembers Raghu fighting for her. She lovingly looks at him, ek tara plays.

At night time, Raghu and Dhanak starts bonfire in jungle and sit down collectively. Dhanak is shy but is cold. Raghu takes off his shirt and puts it on her. Dhanak smiles at him. Dhanak thanks Raghu. Raghu says for shirt? i have many more shirts. Dhanak says for the whole lot you probably did for me, for constantly supporting me, looking after me, for the entirety, thanks, and thank you for saving my life by way of putting your life in danger, that topics lots to me. Raghu says thats my love, if you are happy then i am glad.

Mahindra comes to Mai and says kids aren’t domestic and you are consuming wine? Mai gives him drink and says that is excellent, drink. Mahindra takes drink. Mai says cheers. Mahindra starts crying. Mai says dont cry, I recognize your emotions, I realize being father to daughter like Dhanak is a big deal, I realize nothing came about to my son and i need nothing to occur to Dhanak so i can positioned my fire out while she comes returned. Now move again. He leaves.

In jungle, Raghu seems at moon. Dhanak hugs his shirt and lies down. She goes to sleep. Raghu sits beside her and puts flower near her. Dhanak sees it and smiles.

Precap Upcoming Gathbandhan Episode Update: Aslam involves Mai and tells her that goons are right here. Goon comes to Mai and throws black ink on her face. All goons chant against her. Mai thinks she will be able to take revenge for this insult and screams at them.


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