Gathbandhan 30th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Raghu comes domestic and asks Aslam to deliver wine. Aslam says however Dhanak? Raghu says simply carry it. Raghu gets call from police station that Dhanak didnt come to police station. Raghu checks home and says she isn’t always right here as well, he leaves.

Raghu involves police station. Geeta asks if he had a fight with Dhanak? She didnt come here. Raghu recollects his harsh words.

Mai says dont realize where she is now. Maya says its good she left.

Raghu is tensed and recalls Dhanak’s words that she will love him plenty. He cries and falls asleep.

Raghu wakes up hearing tune. they arrive in chawl to look Dhanak dancing with dhol people. All are burdened. Raghu says stop it. He shouts at Dhanak that have you long gone mad? where had been you? Dhanak says stop demanding about me now, Maya is your spouse now, shall we experience and celebrate your wedding ceremony. She tells each person that first time a spouse is celebrating her husband’s second marriage, you all have to come, i am the primary wife to celebrate my husband’s marriage from heart. She presents Mai and tells her which you have usually been with me, nobody can forestall Maya and Raghu’s wedding ceremony so may as properly receive it. She items Maya as nicely and asks Raghu if he is happy now? See Maya i have left Raghu, I wont come inbetween you each. Mahindra asks what she is doing? I wont allow Raghu marry like this. Dhanak says dont worry, this all came about with my consent, she takes him from there. Raghu is sad.

Mai says to Maya that Dhanak is upto some thing. Maya says its exact that she left from our manner. Mai sees Dhanak going to Raghu. Raghu asks Dhanak what is this drama? Dhanak says you desired me to sign divorce papers so i’ve achieved it, she offers it to him. He says what? Dhanak says I promise to make this marriage memorable. Raghu thinks that this is a punishment. Mahindra comes there and says we are able to all assist you in wedding ceremony. Raghu says what? Dhanak says i’ve made them apprehend. Mai tells Sakku that I dont trust this female. Dhanak tells Sejal to start working for his wedding ceremony the next day.

Raghu sees Dhanak redecorating residence. Aslam is dancing and tells Raghu to be glad, why are you angry? You wanted this right? I dont apprehend what’s happening. Batli brings matters that Dhanak wished. Dhanak thank you him. Raghu is indignant. A rat comes there, Dhanak is set to fall from stool but Raghu catches her. They share eyelock. Mai and Maya sees it. Mai tells Maya that dont you notice that she is enjoying her closing moments with him. Mai calls Raghu. He puts Dhanak down. Mai asks him to get equipped. Dhanak says dont worry, i can manage the whole lot for their wedding.

Dhanak makes kheer for Maya’s mehndi. She gives thumbs as much as Preeti. Dhanak offers kheer to Raghu. Mai applies mehndi to Maya. Dhanak offers kheer to Mai. Mai says its sweet. Dhanak tells Maya that your mehndi is good. Dhanak gives kheer to Maya as properly. Maya asks dhanak to write down Raghu’s call in her hand. Dhanak is tensed. Dhanak begins writing but Maya receives belly ache and runs from there. Dhanak smirks. Maya cant come out of washroom because of kheer.

Dhanak tells Sejal that our plan has began running. everything will appear as in step with the plan. Mai hears it and says you woman.. She asks what plan turned into she speaking about? Dhanak says you are thinking incorrect, we had been talking about decorations plan. Mai says ok, she leaves. Dhanak sighs.

Maya is crying from belly ache. Mai tells her that not anything befell to us. Maya says i’m sure she did some thing with my kheer. Mai says not anything can manifest the next day.

PRECAP- Dhanak asks Maya to calm down and watch tv whilst stylist comes. Maya says television is not working. Dhanak says sure due to the fact you threw its dish over my head, i’m able to display you how actual kidnapping happens. She locks her in a room. Maya says i’m able to smash your relation with Raghu. Dhanak says no longer while i’m alive.


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