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Mai asks Raghu to get geared up for wedding. Dhanak comes there and says i have accomplished preparations for haldi. Mai leaves. Dhanak allows Raghu in carrying kurta. Raghu says I dont want it. Dhanak says the following day Maya will do all this. Dhanak says get geared up speedy. Raghu says why are you doing all this? Dhanak says we could go. In haldi ceremony, Dhanak earrings Raghu. Mai says you appearance first-rate, she makes him sit down and applies haldi to him. Raghu is tensed. Dhanak remembers their haldi and says my flip. She involves Raghu and applies haldi to him. Raghu is tensed and moves away. Maya comes there. Dhanak smiles. Mai asks Raghu to apply haldi to Maya. Dhanak says i will help. Mai says i will do it. Dhanak says as you want. Maya sits with Raghu. Mai goes to make haldi. Dhanak strikes along with her and bride’s haldi fall on her face. Dhanak smiles and appears on. woman says bride’s haldi was implemented on Dhanak? Dhanak says sorry. Raghu smiles barely. Mai says haldi can be applied to each person however Maya will marry him only.

Raghu is getting prepared for wedding ceremony. Dhanak comes all dressed, he cant appearance away. Dhanak asks him to get geared up fast. Raghu says I cant do it.. i really like you, I cant consider absolutely everyone else.. it turns out to be his dream. Dhanak says come fast, she leaves.

Dhanak comes to Maya and says you didnt get ready? this isn’t proper. Maya says prevent it. Maya says I dont have a stylist, what to do? Sejal says I recognise a stylist, we will take her there. Dhanak says its a long way away, Maya wont agree. Maya says dont determine for me, you may take me to parlor? Dhanak says i’m able to do this for you, they go away.

Dhanak brings Maya to parlor. Maya says this place looks bizarre? Dhanak says its pleasant stylist in town. She brings her inner and asks her to watch tv. Maya says its not running. Dhanak says because you broke its dish over my head, she ties her and says I realize everything you probably did. i’m able to show you the way kidnapping is carried out.

Mai sees stylist in residence and says you are here for Maya? She says yes however Maya isn’t always here.

Dhanak locks Maya in parlor. Maya says i will break your relation with Raghu. Dhanak says till i’m alive, this relation wont spoil, she blasts a firecracker close to Maya and leaves. Saku hides and hears all that. Saku calls Mai and tells her that Dhanak locked Maya interior parlor. Mai says we are one step beforehand, brea the lock and produce Maya here.

Dhanak gets a call about a case, officer tells her that we’ve got half of an hour to seize that thief. Dhanak thinks about wedding and says I could be loose till then she ends call. Dhanak calls Mahindra and says I ought to go for a piece, just hold a watch on Maya and dont allow her come out of parlor.

Saku breaks lock and brings Maya out of parlor. Sejal and Mahindra sees it.

Raghu unluckily seems at himself as a groom. Aslam says dont fear, you’re unhappy due to the fact you aren’t together with your love, Raghu remembers his moments with Dhanak. He asks where is Dhanak? Aslam says dont recognise, worry about Maya now. They go away.

Dhanak involves website online in which officer instructed her to come back. Mai hides and thinks I called you here to trap you, i will give you loss of life. Dhanak seems arouund. Mai points gun at her from at the back of and is about to shoot her.

Precap: Raghu sits in mandap with Maya, he thinks i am marrying Maya. Bride is in veil.


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