Gathbandhan 31st July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Raghu awakens hearing music. They come in chawl to see Dhanak hitting the dance floor with dhol individuals. All are confounded. Raghu says stop it. He yells at Dhanak that have you gone distraught? Where were you? Dhanak says quit stressing over me now, Maya is your better half presently, lets appreciate and praise your wedding. She tells everybody that first time a spouse is commending her significant other’s subsequent marriage, all of you need to come, I am the primary wife to praise my better half’s marriage from heart. She blessings Mai and discloses to her that you have consistently been with me, it’s not possible for anyone to stop Maya and Raghu’s wedding so should acknowledge it. She blessings Maya too and inquires as to whether he is glad at this point? See Maya I have left Raghu, I wont come inbetween you both. Mahindra asks what she is doing? I wont let Raghu wed this way. Dhanak says dont stress, this all occurred with my assent, she takes him from that point. Raghu is tragic.

Mai says to Maya that Dhanak is upto something. Maya says its great that she left from our way. Mai sees Dhanak going to Raghu. Raghu asks Dhanak what is this show? Dhanak says you needed me to sign legal documents so I have done it, she offers it to him. He says what? Dhanak says I guarantee to make this marriage important. Raghu imagines this is a discipline. Mahindra comes there and says we will all assistance you in wedding. Raghu says what? Dhanak says I have caused them to get it. Mai reveals to Sakku that I dont trust this young lady. Dhanak advises Sejal to begin working for his wedding tomorrow.

Raghu sees Dhanak enhancing house. Aslam is moving and advises Raghu to be upbeat, for what reason would you say you are irate? You needed this right? I dont comprehend what’s going on. Batli brings things that Dhanak required. Dhanak says thanks to him. Raghu is furious. A rodent comes there, Dhanak is going to tumble from stool however Raghu gets her. They share eyelock. Mai and Maya sees it. Mai discloses to Maya that dont you see that she is making the most of her last minutes with him. Mai calls Raghu. He puts Dhanak down. Mai requests that he prepare. Dhanak says dont stress, I will deal with everything for their wedding.

Dhanak makes kheer for Maya’s mehndi. She offers go-ahead to Preeti. Dhanak offers kheer to Raghu. Mai applies mehndi to Maya. Dhanak offers kheer to Mai. Mai says its sweet. Dhanak discloses to Maya that your mehndi is great. Dhanak offers kheer to Maya too. Maya asks dhanak to compose Raghu’s name in her grasp. Dhanak is strained. Dhanak begins composing however Maya gets stomach hurt and keeps running from that point. Dhanak smiles. Maya cannot leave washroom in light of kheer.

Dhanak reveals to Sejal that our arrangement has begun working. Everything will occur according to the arrangement. Mai hears it and says you young lady.. She asks what plan would she say she was discussing? Dhanak says you are thinking incorrectly, we were discussing enrichments plan. Mai says OK, she leaves. Dhanak murmurs.

Maya is crying from stomach hurt. Mai reveals to her that nothing transpired. Maya says I am certain she accomplished something with my kheer. Mai says nothing can happen tomorrow.

Precap: Dhanak requests that Maya quiet down and sit in front of the TV while beautician comes. Maya says TV isn’t working. Dhanak says yes since you tossed its dish over my head, I will demonstrate to you how genuine capturing occurs. She secures her a room. Maya says I will break your connection with Raghu. Dhanak says not while I am alive.


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