Gathbandhan 5th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Mai talks to her pal, she asks whats the difficulty? Mai says my daughter in law.
Dhanak receives prepared and is shy to come out. Raghu says no person is here, pop out. Dhanak comes out in saree and with makeup and jewelry. Raghu cant look faraway from her. Dhanak is aware.
woman Neelu says all have this trouble. Mai says she is going to end up an IPS. Neelu begins dancing. Mai stops her and says you’re making fun of me?
Dhanak asks what? Raghu says you appearance very pretty. He says I brought a gift for you, he shows her gajra.
Mai says to Neelu that Raghu added her in residence. Neelu says positioned a trap to get her stuck in it.
Raghu says to Dhanak that I didnt have money to get necklace. Dhanak says this is nice present for me, you earned it, put it on. She turns round. Raghu ties

it on her hair. Dhanak smiles.
Raghu and Dhanak do rituals in feature. They do aarti together. Mahindra comes there with his own family. Neelu says to Mai that they love every different, they wont separate without problems. Priest asks who will placed God Idol right here? Mai says Raghu will do it. Neelu says Dhanak is new so she can do it. Mai says he’ll do it. Mahindra says my Dhanak can without problems take it to pinnacle. Neelu says whoever gets doll first will jump on pole to position it there. Raghu says I always do it so i’m able to win. Dhanak says that lots self assurance? i’m able to win. Raghu says we could see. Flashback shows how Maya had positioned oil on ladder. Dhanak and Raghu to take doll. They both keep it. Dhanak begins taking it up ladder. Raghu goes on ladder too. Maya smirks. All are chanting for them. Dhanak is set to collapse due to oil but Raghu holds her. Dhanak stocks eye lock with him, he smiles. They both preserve doll collectively and positioned it on top of pole together while looking at every different. Mai asks Maya that dont do these silly acts. Maya says it hurts, you dont do anything. Mai says Neelu have come to educate a lesson to Dhanak. Mai takes Neelu from there.

Dhanak dances with Neelu’s daughter in law. They dance on pinga.
Mai asks Neelu what’s going to you do? Neelu says she needs code of behavior certificate to grow to be an IPS officer, she needs it from MLA who is my husband, to get that certificate, individual should be clean and do no longer partner with any wrong act but your family is from underworld, you just must show that she is part of it too. Mai smirks and dances together with her.

PRECAP- Mai says to all and sundry that i am so lucky to get a daughter in law like Dhanak, she will be able to take my commercial enterprise ahead. Inspector comes there and says if Dhanak desires to turn out to be an IPS then she desires to choose.


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