Gathbandhan 5th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Mai yells at her to leave, I will never acknowledge you. Dhanak says I have a great deal of confirmations against you, you sincerely extorted Raghu to wed Maya and afterward you were behind my grabbing, current episode and everything else. Mai says I did all that however you can tell Raghu, I dont care. Dhanak says I can inform him regarding medication case as well, I can reveal to him how you lied in prison, I re-opened Lakshmi’s case and discovered your call records, she plays Lakshmi and her bring in which Mai disclosed to Lakshmi that she has an arrangement to end this case and dont let anyone think about their medication dealing.

Dhanak says I was stunned to hear this. Mai says Lakshmi is dead so you cant re-open this case. Dhanak says what regarding Raghu? When he realizes that you misled him and made him loathe everything for a falsehood? I dont need to do this however you didnt leave a decision, you need to complete two things, you will deal with families who were influenced lethally from medication case and acknowledge as your little girl in law. Flashback closes.

Raghu is energized and purchases a saree for Dhanak. He overdoes it to purchase endowments and sees all cash gone from tote. Dhanak is hanging tight for Raghu and supposes we will begin our new life today. Maya frowns at her. Saku requests that her quiet down. Maya says I will slaughter her today around evening time, she leaves. Saku discloses to Mai that Maya is going to accomplish something.

Maya is going to wound Dhanak with a blade yet Mai stops her. Raghu comes there as well. Mai slaps Maya and says you wont do anything like this, Raghu is yours, you didnt get him. Raghu discloses to Maya that I am in charge of this so I am here, you can cut me. Maya says I wont save her this time, I ought to killed her when I had tossed a dish on her head. Raghu is stunned and says you did that? Maya says yes to be with you. Raghu says I figured I fouled up with you yet you have no ethics, dont demonstrate to me your face any longer. Maya says you are a trick, you know Mai was associated with each stunt we anticipated Dhanak, she needed to get free from Dhanak too. Raghu is stunned and asks Mai. Dhanak says truly, she didnt need me in your life, however she never attempted to execute me, she never at any point endeavored it like Maya did. Maya and Raghu leaves. Dhanak murmurs to Mai that you spared me and I spared you, we should live like this together.

Mai reviews Dhanak undermining her that she needs to stay quiet and acknowledge her connection with Raghu else she cannot stay quiet and dont you attempt to murder me, I have a letter composed which says I have an actual existence danger from you so on the off chance that anything transpires, at that point you are not protected, presently favor me.. Flashback closes. Mai tell Saku. Saku says she played you, I am getting extremely frustrated. Mai grins and says we ought to have a major destruction so we can appreciate triumph when it comes.

Dhanak adorns room. Raghu comes and embraces her, he says sorry regarding Maya’s episode. Dhanak says room is solid. Raghu blessings her a night suit. She says I am coming, she goes to change. Dhanak turns out wearing a nightie. Dhanak sees Raghu dozing and says I am here, he doesnt wake up. She goes to leave yet Raghu holds her hand. He pulls her closer and says I was hanging tight for this minute for so much time, how might I let it go?

Precap: Saku reveals to Mai that tomorrow is teej festivity. Mai says that Dhanak will celebrate with it as another lady of the hour. She prepares. Dhanak is stunned to see her.


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