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Dhanak takes water bucket and goes to Mai’s residence. Raghu is slumbering there, she throws water on him. He wakes up and however sees its Maya and not Dhanak. She says you had been no longer waking up, Raghu says thank God it was not Dhanak. Maya says its going to be actual, you knew that Mai had a fight with Dhanak? HE says once more? Maya says sure, Mai threw water in residence, absolutely soaking wet it.

Nani says to Dhanak that why did you combat with Mai? They pay attention approximately clean India on radio. Dhanak says i used to be defending myself. Nani says 3 hours have already passed.

Aslam says best 9 hours are left. MAya says then Dhanak will become our servant. ASlam says why are you excited? Maya says i can make her work too. She leaves. Raghu says this is an issue.

Nani asks circle of relatives to begin cleansing mess. Parag says lets easy it. Dhanak says Savitri will easy it.

Raghu says to Aslam that I cant permit every body of them emerge as servant, i will speak to Dhanak. Aslam says Mahindra is there.

Parag says to Dhanak that depart it, papa is ill. Dhanak says take him for checkup.

Aslam sees Mahindra leaving chawl with family. He shows it to Raghu and says Dhanak is by myself.

Raghu involves Dhanak’s residence and sees water there. She says you right here? He says I brought tea. She thank you him. Raghu sits down with her. He says please solve things with Mai, i can smooth here. He receives up, she stops him but slips and falls in his palms. They proportion an eye fixed lock. They keep slipping in water, they get up. Dhanak says I should teach that girl a lesson, you need to be with me. Raghu says i’m your friend so I ought to stand through you, he leaves.

Aslam says to Raghu that why didnt you say anything to Dhanak? Mahindra is nearby anticipating taxi. He turns round and sees Raghu there, he acknowledges that they kidnapped him. He runs to them but Raghu and Aslam runs and hides. Mahindra says where did they go? Sejal brings taxi there and is going to Mahindra. Mahindra says kidnappers had been right here, they’re hiding right here. Sejal says we can look around for them. Raghu runs from there.

A girl calls Nani and says examine your granddaughter’s act. Mai smirks. Dhanak is going in there. lady’s house in below Nani’s residence and water is leaking from Nani’s ground. girl says to Dhanak that this is occurring due to you. Mai says her residence is destroyed due to you. Dhanak places bucket water out of her house. Mai says you need to come to my residence for paintings soon. She laughs at her.

Maya is taking extortion from stores. Media comes there and says we had been informed that human beings are making this chawl dirty. Maya thinks Mai known as them.

Maya comes to Mai. Maya says to Mai that you are smart, you messed her residence and also known as media right here. Mai says I didnt call any media. Dhanak comes there and says I referred to as them here, all are taken aback. Dhanak says to media that Mai is notable. Mai says what? Dhanak says we’ve got to expose your work for international. Dhanak says Mai have wiped clean this chawl, she is so quality. Mai thinks that she called media so I cant say whatever. Mai says i really like this chawl and if someone does whatever then.. Dhanak says because cleanliness force started, Mai has began cleansing this chawl, i will display you round, she takes them. Mai asks Bai to no longer do whatever infront of media. Dhanak asks Mai to come back too. Dhanak says have a look at chawl, its all smooth. She brings them to Nani’s residence. They see it dirty. Dhanak says that is my house, our pipe leaked however Mai got here right here and instructed us. Mai says leave it. Dhanak says no let me inform them, Mai came right here and advised me that that is like her house and she will take out water from here, she is so nice that she provided assist to us. She asks Mai to come back inner and says now all will see how Mai help everyone, media will cover it. She offers bucket to Mai. Mai glares at her.

Gathbandhan 5th February 2019 Written Update Precap: Mai takes broom and starts cleaning house. Raghu comes there and stops her. Raghu says she is his Mai and she or he is a queen so she wont smooth. i am Raghu and her son. Dhanak is stunned.

Gathbandhan 5th February 2019 Written Episode Update

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