Gathbandhan 6th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Dhanak moves towards Raghu, he pins her to bed and caresses her face. Aina sona plays. Raghu says this moment, this night is special and ours, he rolls on bed together with her but they give way and laugh.
Mai silently is going to power board and turns off her house’s mild.
Raghu sees mild gone and tells Dhanak that it doesnt be counted, moon is with us this night. Dhanak giggles.
Mai calls Saku and says what to do understand next. Saku says dont worry. Mai comes to residence and screams that my foot is harm. Dhanak is in room with Raghu and asks him to check on her. Raghu says Saku is with her, dont fear. He starts offevolved starting up her nightie. Mai is awaiting them to come out but says I should do something. She throws patrol on floor and says I must have fun Raghu and Dhanak becoming one. She lighting fixtures floor and screams fireplace.. fire.. fireplace. Raghu and Dhanak comes out of room. Raghu rushes to Mai. Dhanak asks her to move back. They each try to go to sleep fireplace.

Raghu comes out of residence and asks Mai if she is high-quality? Mai says yes, I dont understand how hearth commenced. Aslam says time is terrible. Mai says you’re announcing that my daughter in regulation is a horrific omen? She tells Dhanak that we can do pooja the next day to end these hurdles among your relation. Dhanak nods. Mai says we are able to do pooja the following day, doze off. They go away. Raghu sees Dhanak’s hand burned. Mai comes with ointment and applies it on Dhanak’s hand. Dhanak tells Raghu that i am pleasant, he leaves.

Raghu is going to test strength board. Electrician makes it fine again and light comes lower back.

Raghu involves room to look Dhanak sound asleep. Mai comes there and says permit her take relaxation.

Mai will pay electrician for faking the problem.

In morning, Mahindra brings shagun for Dhanaj. He tells her to make a relation with Raghu, you be happy to make him happy to.

Dhanak goes for pooja. Mai says Teej is coming, i’m able to bless you. Dhanak says I relied on Raghu announcing there was a fault in circuit but you cant forestall our relation.

PRECAP- Mai says Dhanak will do pooja and be a bride for first time.


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