Gathbandhan 7th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Raghu sees light proceeded to disclose to Dhanak that it doesnt matter, moon is with us today around evening time. Dhanak laughs.

Mai calls Saku and says you recognize what to do know straightaway. Saku says dont stress. Mai comes to house and shouts that my foot is harmed. Dhanak is in live with Raghu and requests that he beware of her. Raghu says Saku is with her, dont stress. He begins removing her nightie.

Mai is hanging tight for them to turn out however says I need to accomplish something. She tosses watch on floor and says I need to observe Raghu and Dhanak getting to be one. She lights floor and shouts fire.. fire.. fire. Raghu and Dhanak leaves room. Raghu hurries to Mai. Dhanak requests that her move back. The two of them attempt to nap off flame.

Raghu leaves house and inquires as to whether she is fine? Mai says truly, I dont realize how fire began. Aslam says time is terrible. Mai says you are stating that my little girl in law is a terrible sign? She reveals to Dhanak that we will do pooja tomorrow to end these obstacles between your connection. Dhanak gestures. Mai says we will do pooja tomorrow, rest. They leave. Raghu sees Dhanak’s hand consumed. Mai accompanies salve and applies it on Dhanak’s hand. Dhanak discloses to Raghu that I am fine, he leaves.

Raghu goes to check power board. Circuit repairman makes it fine again and light returns. Raghu comes to space to see Dhanak resting. Mai comes there and says let her take rest. Mai pays circuit repairman for faking the issue. Mahindra brings shagun for Dhanaj. He advises her to make a connection with Raghu, you be glad to satisfy him to. Dhanak is going for pooja. Mai says Teej is coming, I will favor you. Dhanak says I trusted Raghu saying there was a deficiency in circuit yet you cannot stop our connection.

Precap: Mai says Dhanak will do pooja and be a lady of the hour for first time.


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