Gathbandhan 8th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Mai converses with her companion, she asks whats the issue? Mai says my little girl in law.

Dhanak prepares and is timid to turn out. Raghu says nobody is here, turned out. Dhanak turns out in saree and with cosmetics and adornments. Raghu cannot turn away from her. Dhanak is cognizant.

Lady Neelu says all have this issue. Mai says she will end up being an IPS. Neelu begins moving. Mai stops her and says you are ridiculing me?

Dhanak asks what? Raghu says you look extremely beautiful. He says I brought a present for you, he demonstrates her gajra.

Mai says to Neelu that Raghu acquired her home. Neelu says put a device to stall out in it.

Raghu says to Dhanak that I didnt have cash to get neckband. Dhanak says this is best present for me, you earned it, put it on. She pivots. Raghu ties

it on her hair. Dhanak grins.

Raghu and Dhanak do customs in capacity. They do aarti together. Mahindra comes there with his family. Neelu says to Mai that they adore one another, they wont isolate effectively. Minister asks who will put God Idol here? Mai says Raghu will do it. Neelu says Dhanak is new so she will do it. Mai says he will do it. Mahindra says my Dhanak can undoubtedly take it to top. Neelu says whoever gets doll first will hop on shaft to put it there. Raghu says I generally do it so I will win. Dhanak says that much certainty? I will win. Raghu says lets see. Flashback demonstrates how Maya had put oil on stepping stool. Dhanak and Raghu to take doll. They both hold it. Dhanak begins taking it up stepping stool. Raghu goes on stepping stool as well. Maya smiles. All are reciting for them. Dhanak is going to tumble down because of oil yet Raghu holds her. Dhanak shares eye lock with him, he grins. They both hold doll together and put it over post together while taking a gander at one another. Mai asks Maya that dont do these dumb demonstrations. Maya says it harms, you dont do anything. Mai says Neelu have come to show a thing or two to Dhanak. Mai takes Neelu from that point.

Dhanak hits the dance floor with Neelu’s little girl in law. They move on pinga.

Mai asks Neelu what will you do? Neelu says she needs set of accepted rules testament to turn into an IPS officer, she needs it from MLA who is my better half, to get that declaration, individual must be perfect and don’t connect with any wrong demonstration however your family is from black market, you simply need to demonstrate that she is a piece of it as well. Mai smiles and hits the dance floor with her.

PRECAP-Mai says to everybody that I am so fortunate to get a little girl in law like Dhanak, she will take my business ahead. Reviewer comes there and says on the off chance that Dhanak needs to turn into an IPS, at that point she needs to pick.


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