Gathbandhan 8th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Dhanak is getting dressed. Water is dripping from roof. Raghu comes and puts give up her head so she doesnt get wet. She says you may tired, he says no. He slips. Dhanak holds him and asks if he is fine? He says with you the whole thing is fine. Dhanak kisses his cheek and says thank you for being with me, Mai needed to stay her lifestyles alone, you ought to miss your father. Raghu says I never met him so I dont realize, he leaves. Dhanak says he didnt to get meet his father. Saku hears it.

Saku tells Mai that Dhanak was speakme about Bharat with Raghu. Mai says she cant hold a mystery, I should address her nowadays best.

Dhanak captures Raghu’s father’s image and calls Geeta. She asks her to discover about this guy, no person should know about it, she ends name. Dhanak turns to look

Mai there. Mai says get prepared for pooja. Dhanak nods and leaves.
worker tells Raghu that he will want 15K to renovate his house. Raghu says how do we get 15K, I want to get roof fixed. Aslam says we are able to without difficulty get it. Raghu says I wont do anything incorrect.

Dhanak starts offevolved pooja and prays to keep her relation with Raghu intact.

Raghu is considering getting money. Aslam talks to a lady about pooja. Aslam tells Raghu that its your spouse’s first rapid, shall we cross. Raghu says I cant miss it.

Mai gives something to Saku and asks her to do her work. All women are in Mai’s residence. Raghu tries to head internal but Sejal and Preeti stop him. women tease them. Dhanak laughs and says to fasten them outdoor. Raghu tells ASlam that I wont lower back-off effortlessly.

Dhanak starts dancing on pinga. Raghu jumps from window and looks at her dancing. Dhanak receives a call and goes to her room. Raghu pulls her closer. She says absolutely everyone can see. Dhanak gets Geeta’s call, Geeta says we’re locating about him, Dhanak says permit me know if you locate some thing. She ends call. Sejal and Preeti comes there and takes Raghu from there. they convey Dhanak in front room and start dancing with her. Dhanak slips because of pearls that Saku threw. Raghu rushes to her and takes her to room. Mai thinks now they could celebrate their marriage night.

Dhanak is on bed. Mai asks Raghu to live far from her, I mean permit her take rest. She leaves. Raghu says to Dhanak that you have to rest. Water is falling from roof. Raghu puts umbrellas over their mattress and move to kiss her but Dhanak gets call. Raghu goes to convey milk for her. Geeta tells Dhanak that we were given to recognise Bharat is a instructor and working in a college, he doesnt have any crook file. Dhanak thinks if he’s a pleasing person then why Mai lied to me?

PRECAP- Mai sees Dhanak going out of residence and says she promised Raghu to no longer go away the residence then there have to be some thing essential if she leaving. She begins following Dhanak.


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