Gathbandhan 8th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Raghu and Dhanak are returning with water cans. They talk about lady working in house and furthermore working out. They contend over work. Dhanak tosses water on him, he frowns at her and draws nearer. She says no.. he sticks her to divider. Dhanak says anybody can see. He draws nearer and is going to kiss her however Mai calls them. Dhanak chuckles and says I am spared.

Dhanak is getting down to business. Raghu says I cannot accompany you, I have some work. Dhanak says you can let me know. Raghu says today is Teej, Mai is distant from everyone else after dad leaving us so I need to be with her. Dhanak says you are a decent child, she leaves. Mai sees her significant other’s image and says I am here a result of you, you caused me to get the hang of being a jolt, I will utilize all strategies you instructed me. Raghu comes there and says I realize you are miserable. Mai says you never got dad’s adoration. Raghu says you are my dad and mom, you constantly upheld me, so imagine a scenario where I didnt have a dad. I have my Mai with me. Mai grins and requests that he give an amazement to Dhanak on teej.

Dhanak gets a call, Raghu acts like he is giving a tip and says would you be able to come to chawl? Dhanak comes to mandir and sees Mai dressed as a lady. She is stunned to see her do pooja as a wedded lady. She says Mai? Mai is stunned to see her and supposes she saw me, she attempts to leave however Dhanak stops her and says sindoor.. spouse.. Mai says Raghu’s dad is alive, I never told anybody. Try to keep your hat on. They sit together. Mai says I resembled you, a typical young lady yet then obscurity came in my live whose name Bharat Yadav, he did all transgressions and pulled me in it too then he left us and ranaway, he didnt even think back to check whether Raghu and I are alive or not. Dhanak says I am extremely grieved, I didnt know. Mai says I didnt advise Raghu on the grounds that I didnt need to cause him to lose trust in adoration else he wouldnt have the option to cherish you or his mom, I didnt need disdain filled life for him. I disclosed to him that his dad is dead. Dhanak says on the off chance that he was so terrible, at that point for what reason do you keep a quick for him? Mai says I am doing this for Raghu, I come here in a year and do pooja to commit his dad understand his error so he can rebound in Raghu’s life and give him adore. Dhanak says you never attempted to discover him? Mai says for what reason would I? I have proceeded onward, dont advise anything to anybody, God will deal with him, she leaves. Dhanak looks on.

Precap: Dhanak inquires as to whether he miss his dad? Raghu says I have never observed him or met him so dont know. Saku hears it and reveals to Mai that Dhanak was discussing Bharat with Raghu. Mai says she cannot stay quiet, I need to deal with her.


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