Gathbandhan 8th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Raghu says then proceed to bounce, possibly in the event that you kick the bucket, at that point I will truth you.. what you cannot do that? Dhanak says OK on the off chance that you need that, at that point this will occur. Naina plays.. Dhanak goes close edge and says I adore you Raghu, she is going to bounce yet Raghu pulls her back. Dhanak says you cannot see me pass on. Raghu says you are childish, you need love and can do anything for it yet when I revealed to you that Mai is blameless, you didnt hear me out, you cannot be believed, he leaves from that point.

In morning, Dhanak comes to mandir and petitions God for giving her new expectation, she says give me quality and be with me. She leaves from that point. Ladies meet her and enlighten her regarding custom that ladies accomplish for their spouses. Mai is tallying cash. Raghu comes there. Mai says we have 14K just, she inquires as to whether he will go to blackmail cash? case is unraveled, you are as yet recalling Dhanak’s guarantees? Raghu says simply hold up till night and I will be back with a ton of cash. Maya gives him firearm. Raghu leaves from that point. Maya says our Raghu is back. Mai snickers.

Dhanak and Preeti are in market. Dhanak informs her regarding a pooja and says I have an arrangement. Preeti says would you say you are certain? Dhanak says I am. Dhanak comes in market and sees Raghu beating a man. She says Raghu? He sees her yet beats man more. Dhanak stands infront of him and says take outrage on me on the off chance that you are miffed with me, dont foul up with yourself. Dhanak goes to see Mahindra’s head dying. She is shocked. Raghu gives him pack and leaves. Mahindra discloses to Dhanak he took cash from ATM however a goon stole it and discarded him, he got injured yet Raghu came there and beat him. Mahindra expresses gratitude toward Raghu and says sorry for misconception you. Raghu says its alright, I cannot see somebody getting beaten dissimilar to other people, he asks Preeti to take him to specialist, he leaves.

Mai is furious on Raghu for not bringing cash. Raghu says Mahindra was harmed, he gives her cash and says I took this obligation from choto. He leaves from that point. Maya says he is quiet once more. Mai says despite everything he has feel sorry for Parekh family. Neighbor Kalini comes there and you ought to do gondal for your child and little girl in law. Mai says circumstance isn’t great, we dont have arrangements done. Dhanak comes there with things and says everything is here.

Precap: Dhanak asks Mai that she needs to do gondaa pooja with Raghu and need to make Raghu concur. Mai says dont include me in this. Raghu comes there and says we will do gondal pooja and all customs. Dhanak gets glad.


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