Gathbandhan 9th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Mai does Dhanak’s aarti and says she is a part of us now. Dhanak says you venerated me so I want to do some thing too. She brings lemonade for her. Mai asks if she poisoned it? Dhanak says no. Mai liquids it and says its candy. Dhanak says then take it you. Mai says its dissolved, I cant take it. Dhanak says sameway IPS is inside me, I might not put on a uniform however no one can take IPS’s uniform out of me. Mai says I knew you had been doing a drama. Dhanak says I made a relationship with this circle of relatives while he married me. Mai says then join our enterprise. Raghu shouts prevent, he asks Mai to kill him and finish this. Mai says dont you dare improve voice on me, you married her, dont overlook that this is my house, i have decided that she can stay in my house or her IPS. Raghu says thats why you known as that commissioner? Mai says sure. Raghu takes Dhanak from there.

Raghu packs Dhanak’s bag and says who do you think you’re? why you are destroying your life for me? % your bag and depart, I did a mistake by using marrying you. Dhanak says prevent, this is your love? marry me on gunpoint and now want to throw me out? you acquire me so love vanished? Raghu says dont say anything about my love. He shows her water jug and says it used be alcohol, I dont have gun now but books due to you, you becomes an IPS for sure. Dhanak says i will stay in this residence and no person can take this promise from me.

Raghu comes to Mai and says you people are taking part in? Maya asks him to relax, Raghu pushes her away and leaves. Mai says people assume they may be too smart however she misplaced her husband as properly.

Mahindra is dozing in hall. Dhanak comes there and caresses his head. He wakes up and asks what befell? did they throw you out? shall we cross inside. dhanak sees her uniform with him and says I used to play in uniform in formative years, I noticed admire for this uniform in your eyes, I simply took a brake, I ought to clean my house before I clean this society. Mahindra says they will never trade. Dhanak says they may, I consider myself and Raghu, this dream is your debt now, hold it with yourself, he nods. Dhanak says I need to find Raghu, take care. She leaves.

Dhanak is waiting for Raghu and sees Aslam coming, he says Raghu is nowhere to be discovered. Dhanak sees Raghu coming there under the influence of alcohol. She is taken aback. Raghu says you all right here? Raghu asks Aslam why he isn’t working? did he promise a few lady too? only enterprise and cash topics for evil people, we are able to begin our commercial enterprise from tomorrow, pass now. Aslam leaves. Dhanak says what is this? He sees blood on his pocket and says I broke someone’s head. Dhanak says you promised me. Raghu says i’m able to destroy all promises, you need to be my wife then you have to be given us like we’re. Dhanak says pay attention. Raghu says you want to come to be goon Raghu’s wife then I becomes a top goon now. Dhanak says so I need to stay with you like your own family? She takes wine bottle and drinks it. he is bowled over. Dhanak says its difficult. She takes gun from him and mimicks him, she says we will damage this chawl, we could see who wins. Raghu stops her and takes wine from her. Dhanak says nothing happend with two sips. Raghu says sorry.

Precap: Raghu says to Dhanak that I need to look you in uniform, there ought to be a few manner that you could be an officer and be with me too. Dhanak says most effective manner is to convey Mai on right route.


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