Gathbandhan 9th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Raghu hits the dance floor with Neelu’s little girl in law. Dhanak comes there and hits the dance floor with him as well. Raghu grins at her. It ends up being his fantasy. Neelu whistles for her girl in law.

Neelu says to Mai that you need to begin discourse, proceed. Mai says its hard to commend her. Mai goes ahead stage, she says today something uncommon will occur, my girl in law is incredible, she is our pride. Raghu says the end result for her? Dhanak says would she say she is imagining? Raghu says dont stress, I will deal with her. Controller touches base there. Mai says all mother in laws ought to get Dhanak, she will take my business ahead inside law limits, I figured no one could get me however she passed me, she utilizes law to trick individuals, she put her significant other in prison yet hush up about stolen cash, she does illicit things yet use law to hold them under wrap. All are stunned. Dhanak sees examiner there. Mai says now we will coerce cash in police vans. Raghu hurries to Mai and asks what she is stating? Mai says dont stress Neelu will deal with everything. She respects the official and calls him in front of an audience. He comes there.

Mai calls Dhanak there as well. Mai says I will influence my little girl in law to have an award. She makes her wear it. All look on. Dhanak asks what she is doing? Mai says we have this much love, prop up in police, our business will thrive as you degenerate police. Raghu asks what she is stating? Mai says let me be. Mai says to officer that I am grateful you influenced her to turn into an IPS officer regardless of whether she is wear’s significant other, she gives him cash and says this only a tip, we will take and give you more commission. Official gets furious and tosses cash. Neelu comes to him and presents herself, she says I am MLA’s significant other, I used to live here, things changed here, Savitri and Raghu have turned out to be enormous wears, I dont know Dhanak however how might she live with wears and be steadfast with her uniform? She will progress toward becoming delinquent as well. Dhanak says no. Neelu says she will adjust to their ways, you have caught wind of set of principles at that point how could you enable her to turn into an IPS when she is wear’s significant other? check her experience generally your position will be in risk, I dont individuals like her in police. Mai grins at Neelu. Dhanak says to chief that trust me, this is my fantasy, I can never be traitorous to my nation, my better half fouled up yet he is changing, if it’s not too much trouble give me a possibility, I wont baffle you. Raghu thinks Mai played grimy diversion.

Dhanak cries. Magistrate says you can get full preparing however shouldn’t something be said about implicit rules authentication? they will never give you that as you have wear’s beackground, on the off chance that you need to turn into an IPS officer, at that point break this connection, pick between your significant other and IPS. Mahindra asks Dhanak what she is considering? He is a weight, he constrained you to wed him, we can deal with you, its your fantasy, break this connection. Raghu says he is correct, your satisfaction matters more, break this connection, your fantasy matters most. Mai says break this connection, you can pursue your fantasy. Raghu says break this connection, I won’t go anyplace, pursue your fantasy. Dhanak takes a gander at her decoration and after that at her mangalsutra. She cries and removes her decoration. Mai is staggered. Dhanak cries and offers it to official. She salutes him and oes to Raghu. Dhanak says I pick my family leaving my IPS dream. All are staggered. Magistrate leaves. Mai is furious.

Raghu is strained. Mai is moving in house. Mai asks Dhanak to come inside. She says you did extraordinary today, it needs gut to leave your fantasy for your family, you made spot in my heart, I will do your aarti today, take a seat. Dhanak takes a seat. Raghu says what’s going on with you? Mai says let me do it. Mai sings and does Dhanak’s aarti. Raghu supposes she isn’t right. Mai says now she turned into my girl in law, you left your fantasy and now you are welcome here. Presently you will be a piece of our business.

Precap Upcoming Gathbandhan Episode Update: Raghu asys to Dhanak that I need to find in IPS uniform, there must be some way. Dhanak says just route is to make Mai pursue right way. Raghu is stunned.


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