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Scene 1

Dhanak awakens and sees Raghu there. She sees him kneading her feet. He says you will turn out to be fine soon. She says sorry for dozing the previous evening. Raghu rubs his cheek with her. Dhanak says I am gettting late, I have something significant. Mai calls Raghu and reveals to him that water is trickling, we need to get it fixed. Raghu says I will discover an answer. Dhanak comes there and says on the off chance that you need to call somebody for work, at that point call him, I will pay, he says in any case, she says its alright, its my home as well. Mai says my girl in law is extraordinary.

Raghu pays handyman for work. Raghu discloses to Aslam this isn’t right, I need to discover some work. They see a man leaving vehicle.

Mai discloses to Saku that I have asked Madan to meet Raghu, he will keep Raghu away from Dhanak and cause him to get dependent on

cash, I need to do this.

Raghu meets Madan and converses with him. Madan says I get commission on work. Raghu says I can work as well. Madan says I can profit in restorative business, I will encourage you ropes.

Mai sees Dhanak leaving and says she advised Raghu to not leave, go behind her Saku. Saku leaves.

Dhanak gets Raghu’s call. He asks where are you? She says why? Raghu says I have some work and will be late, fare thee well and rest well, she gestures and closures call. She says I am upset for lying. Dhanak gets Geeta’s call and leaves.

Mai calls Saku and requests that her pursue Dhanak. She finishes call and calls Madan. She requests that he assume Raghu to a position and make him see Dhanak.

Geeta and Dhanak comes in region where Raghu’s dad lives. Lady tells that he comes here during the evening.

Mai offers cash to a kid and guides him to do her work, she says my name shouldnt come, he gestures and leaves. Mai says Dhanak wont almost certainly deal with this.

Madan brings Raghu to same region where Dhanak is. Raghu sees Dhanak and goes to her. He blows up and says you misled me, Dhanak says I had work. Raghu says you think I am a trick? You do what you need, I dont care. Madan says lets leave. Dhanak says I am heartbroken, she holds her ears. Raghu says I am not conversing with you. Dhanak says Madan left, you can accompany me. She keeps running behind him and says its stinging. Raghu lifts her in arms and places her in vehicle. Dhanak says I am heartbroken, I wont do it once more. Raghu begins strolling. Dhanak says please sit inside, I will do anything you state, if it’s not too much trouble please.. I will kick the bucket in the event that you dont hear me out. Raghu giggles and says you are a show. He sits in vehicle and says I dont like it. Dhanak supposes in what manner will I go out during the evening?

PRECAP-Mai’s goons are beating a man. Raghu and Dhanak comes there and asks what was the deal? Mai says head inside and see. Raghu goes inside house and is stunned.
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