Gathbandhan 9th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Saku discloses to Mai that Dhanak was discussing Bharat with Raghu. Mai says she cannot stay quiet, I need to manage her today as it were. Dhanak catches Raghu’s dad’s photograph and calls Geeta. She gets some information about this man, no one should think about it, she finishes call. Dhanak goes to see Mai there. Mai says prepare for pooja. Dhanak gestures and leaves. Doctor reveals to Raghu that he will require 15K to revamp his home. Raghu says by what means will we get 15K, I have to get rooftop fixed. ARam says we can undoubtedly get it. Raghu says I wont do anything incorrectly.

Dhanak begins pooja and appeals to keep her connection with Raghu unblemished. Raghu is considering getting cash. ARam converses with a lady about pooja. ARam reveals to Raghu that its your better half’s first quick, gives up. Raghu says I cannot miss it.

Mai offers something to Saku and requests that her do her work. All ladies are in Mai’s home. Raghu attempts to head inside yet Sejal and Preeti stop him. Ladies bother them. Dhanak snickers and says to bolt them outside. Raghu discloses to ARam that I wont back-off effectively.

Dhanak begins moving on pinga. Raghu bounces from window and sees her moving. Dhanak gets a call and goes to her room. Raghu pulls her closer. She says anybody can see. Dhanak gets Geeta’s call, Geeta says we are finding about him, Dhanak says let me know whether you discover anything. She closures call. Sejal and Preeti comes there and takes Raghu from that point. They bring Dhanak in parlor and begin hitting the dance floor with her. Dhanak slips because of pearls that Saku tossed. Raghu races to her and takes her to room. Mai figures now they can commend their marriage night.

Dhanak is on bed. Mai asks Raghu to avoid her, I mean let her take rest. She leaves. Raghu says to Dhanak that you need to rest. Water is tumbling from rooftop. Raghu puts umbrellas over their bed and move to kiss her however Dhanak gets call. Raghu goes to bring milk for her. Geeta discloses to Dhanak that we became more acquainted with Bharat is an educator and working in a school, he doesnt have any criminal record. Dhanak supposes in the event that he is a pleasant individual, at that point why Mai misled me?

Precap: Mai sees Dhanak leaving house and says she guaranteed Raghu to not go out then there must be something significant in the event that she leaving. She begins following Dhanak.


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