Gathbandhan Written Update 4th March 2019: Sejal Commits Suicide
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Sejal screams seeing Vikram in blood and Raghu coming there with sword. All are taken aback. Vikram’s father asks why he beat my son? mother says who beats like this, he’s an animal, we did a mistake by way of trusting you all, he is a goon, you deserve a groom like him. Raghu says sure i’m a goon but what about him? tell them about his acts, I do the whole lot infront of all, i am now not your like your son, if I had shown my energy before then you men wouldnt have completed it earlier than. Raghu asks them to inform fact. mom says what truth? Raghu grabs Vikram and asks mother to tell fact in any other case.. Dhanak says then what? you may kill him? kill all of us. Raghu says you dont understand. Dhanak says you maintain coming to kill our happiness, let us live, leave. Raghu says I wont allow this marriage appear, he throws all guests from there. He attempts to assault Vikram. Dhanak stops him and says you’re taking revenge from me? You and your mom are alike. Vikram runs with his family. Raghu says pay attention to me. Dhanak says let them move, you wanted this.

Mahindra attempts to stop Vikram’s dad and mom and plead them however they depart.

Dhanak indicates empty mandap and says you desired this right? you started this tale but i can end it, i will by no means forgive you, I told you to no longer my sister. Sejal falls down. Dhanak says i’m able to speak to Vikram, the entirety may be best. Mai comes there and says Raghu proved that he is my delight. Maya says inform virtually. Mai says I asked him to show Sejal’s marriage if he loves Dhanak so he promised and broke it. Dhanak is stunned. Mai says Raghu you were right that this may be a mourning consultation. She leaves from there. Dhanak glares at Raghu. Raghu says deliver me a threat, I didnt do some thing wrong. Sejal runs from there. Dhanak cries and says he has to pay for this.

Mai is taking Raghu to her residence. She asks Aslam to dance, Raghu won nowadays, he broke Sejal’s wedding, nowadays i’m so happy. She dances round. ASlam asks what you did Raghu? you ended your love story. Mai starts offevolved dancing. Dhanak comes there together with her own family. She is ready to slap Raghu however Mai stops Dhanak and says remain in restriction, no one touches my son in any other case i can kill you. Raghu says no, dont forestall her, you wanted this and it came about like that, this is between me and Dhanak, let her do what she needs. Parag screams for Dhanak to come. All run to her.

Sejal has locked door. Dhanak asks her to open the door, the whole lot is exceptional. Dhanak says we’ve got to break it. She forces it open. Dhanak and others run to Sejal’s room and sees her striking from ceiling fan. they all pull her down. Raghu helps them. They put Sejal on mattress. Dhanak asks her to open her eyes. they all cry but see that she isn’t always shifting. Dhanak says her heartbeats aren’t operating, oh God. Mahindra falls lower back in shock.

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Precap Upcoming Gathbandhan episode update: Raghu says to Dhanak that I want to talk to you. Dhanak throws him out of residence and cries. Raghu thinks i have to speak to Dhanak. He breaks in house.


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