Green Book
From “Green Book” – Universal Pictures / Photofest / Getty Images

An award targeting “movies for adults” started by AARP magazine published by nonprofit organizations was announced to have Hollywood make films that can be enjoyed by audiences of 50 years of age or more, and ” Green Book ” I won the work prize.

“Film award for adults” (Movies for Grownups Awards) will reach 18th this year. As expected, movies for adults have increased, and the number of nominations has been increasing year by year. Last year’s award ceremony was also the first television broadcasting, it is becoming one of the important awards in the award race. The main results are as follows. (Risa Sawada)

Work Prize 
“Green Book”

■ Best Actor Award 
Vigo Mortensen ”Green Book”

■ Best actress award 
Glenn Close ” The wife of a genius writer – the truth of 40 years “

■ Director Award 
Spike Lee ” Black · Clansman “

■ Ensemble Award 
” Bohemian Rhapsody “

■ Time capsule prize 
” Lovers of Beer Street “

■ Intergenerational award 
” Mary Poppins Returns “

■ Foreign Language Film Award 
” ROMA / Roma ” and 


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