Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 10th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Angat says to Durga don’t try to create misunderstandings between me and Guddan. i agree with her. Durga says to Laxmi wherein are you in recent times? so close to your MIL Laxmi says just staying to myself. Durga says what’s this parcel? She saays that is for my husband. Durga says in heart you can’t lie to me.

Angat is asleep. robust winds blow in his room. He sees kali mata in the window. Angat is scared. Kala mata says your sins have crossed the limits. you need to die. He runs. Laxmi comes and says wouldn’t it scare him? angat says save me please. He screams. Durga says what passed off. He says a person came to kill me. Guddan says this is because of your drug treatments. you may come to health facility with me. Durga says but.. Angat says i will do what Guddan asks. Durga calls Rocky and says Guddan is bringing Rocky to that asylum for take a look at up. circulate AJ from there.

Rocky’s guys attempt to take AJ to another location. AJ beats them. Guddan comes out of doors with every person. Rocky’s guys beat AJ. They positioned him on a stretcher. Guddan comes and says to Rocky we wan to get Angat’s treatment executed. Rocky checks Anggat. Durga says to Rocky have you moved AJ from right here? cross and do it. Guddan seems for AJ Rocky asks his guys to faint AJ and take him to manufacturing facility.

Durga asks Laxmi in which is Guddan? SHe says I don’t understand. GUddan peeks in a room. AJ is there. Rocky and his men are about to give him an injection. Angat says I ought to do all this. He says AJ you have to undergo pain I did. Ridoy offers him electric cutting-edge. Guddan cries. Laxmi says you have to chill out. they can’t see you. Guddan sees Rocky’s face. She cries. AJ takes the rod and gives Rocky current. Laxmi says please loosen up. WE ought to be cautious. Guddan cries. Laxmi says you have to be sturdy. Guddan says I wont depart them.

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