Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 11th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

AJ’s frame is in the idol. He tells Durga AJ is in the idol. Durga says dont’ kill him. leave me. He places gun on her and says i will kill you too. no person is coming between me and Guddan. take a look at uddan. She doesn’t even recognize she is going to drown her husband with the idol.

Guddan says God please assist me locate AJ. He dupatta gets stuck. SHe says why do I experience like he is close to? Is he round. She attempts to drag her dupatta. Angat says to Durga his lifestyles is over. Guddan says AJ is near. Why can’t I experience it. AJ is inside the water. Guddan places hand within the water and sees chunri she tied on his head. Guddan sees AJ drowning in water. She jumps in water and takes him out. Guddan says AJ plaese open your eyes. She offers him short CPR.

Angat gets mandap prepared in the residence. He receives mad at Durga and everyoje for no longer prearaing matters. Angat says to Laxmi in which is guddan. He throttles her. Durga says go away her. Are you loopy. He says I want Guddan proper now. Angat screams and says Guddan.

Guddan comes and says how dare you scare my circle of relatives. He says come with me. begin the mandap. Guddan says i am your brothers wife. He says you have to marry me. He forces her to wear chunri. He tries taking rounds with her. Guddan shoves him and says I wont mary you. e says you need to. Guddan alternatives trishul and says enough. Guddan says i was best silent due to the fact AJ’s existence become in threat. Dadi comes nad says no Guddan please. and you.. Your tried harming Guddan. She is set to slpa him. Angat shoves dadi. Guddan holds her. uddan says disgrace on you. you could’t scare me because my husband is secure. angat asys no he is useless by means of now. I placed him inside the idol. Guddan puts trishul on him and says sufficient. AJ comes in. AJ holds Angat’s hand.

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