Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 11th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.Me 

AJ seems around the room. Rawat is placing from the balcony to hide. Guddan is scared. AJ alternatives up everything. Does he say madam what are you up to? Does she say what could I be up to? I’m going to sleep.

AJ tries to sleep. He comes and sees Guddan slumbering without a blanket. AJ makes her put on the blanket. He caresses her face. AJ’s watch gets stuck in her hand. AJ tries to pull it.

Rawat comes to Guddan and says you’re still slumbering outside the room. He says right here is the tea. Guddan wakes up scared and breaks the cup. She says live away from me. He says your AJ can have a terrible time now. here is the proof I were looking for. It has what my sister wanted to tell me. Guddan says it appears vintage. He says it became antique disks. She says the store has more vintage stuff in case you are interested in. He says we are able to see within the jail. He leaves.

Dadi involves Guddan and says what is all this? She says I will sleep within the room it became suffocating. Dadi says did you fight with AJ?? She says sure. Dadi says include me. Dadi says AJ my daughter in regulation is dozing in a pool. He says I don’t even recognise the reason. Dadi says couldn’t you ask him? Guddan says it was so cold. Does Dadi say hoe can you permit her sleep there in such bloodless? He says ask her. she can’t sleep in this room. she will sleep in a balcony or near the pool. AJ leaves. Guddan says see.

Durga sees Rawat with a cassette. Durga says are you on a secret mission in our house? He says we used to listen to a track on it. He leaves. Durga says there’s something he’s hiding.

Guddan involves Rawat and says did you listen? inform me too. Durga comes and says what do you want to make her listen? Are antique songs proper? Play it I want to listen too. He plugs in the cassette and it doesn’t work. He says this is very vintage. So I assume it isn’t working. Durga leaves ou. Guddan says your evidence didn’t paintings. He says I didn’t play it. I can make you listen first so you understand AJ is a satan.

Precap-Rawat performs the cassette.

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