Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 12th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Guddan knocks in AJ’s room. he’s in a bathrobe. Meher slips. AJ holds her. AJ says you don’t love me, but you got here in my restroom? Guddan says I knocked you didn’t listen. I didn’t come fr this view. He says what’s wrong with this view? She says why was the door open? He says my room, my wife, why might I shut the door. You slip in my fingers all the time. Guddan says go try this flirt with Antra, now not me. She saw your shoes. I requested you to be cautious. Guddan says pass restore it now. AJ slips.. Guddan holds him. Guddan says can’t even stroll nicely? He says thanks. Guddan says i might shop all people. He says liar.

Antra comes to Honda’s lodge. Saru says he isn’t inside the room. Antra says some thing is inaccurate. Honda comes out of the restroom and says i used to be doing on-line buying. She says you forgot your footwear domestic. He says you hold an eye fixed on me. those shoes aren’t mine, they may be AJ’s. I recognise you need to be wondering.. I gifted those to him and made him wear them. I were given him the identical shoes as mine. See these identical shirts, same jackets. I were given the whole lot . so that you doubt your husband or flirting with me? Antra says no nothing. He says we could get tea in suite. ANtra says we must move. He says I want to provide you a gift. He offers her a vehicle key. He says this Ferrari is yours now. Antra says what.. i’m able to’t receive it. He says giving from all my coronary heart. Antra takes it.

Guddan is watching for AJ in foyer. aJ says I treated the whole thing perfectly. Guddan says you created all this trouble in first vicinity. Antra and saru come there. AJ and Guddan hide behind the scenes. Saru looks of their route.. AJ kisses her so their faces are hidden. Guddan says you can think about every other way. AJ says your name callings are like an appreciation to me. Guddan leaves.

Saru says please provide this car to me. Laxmi is there. Antra says that Ferarri is yours now. Antra says Laxmi see how generous she is. All you get from Guddan are lectures. Laxmi leaves. Saru says I think Honda likes you. Antra says he likes me and i stay him too. however i’m able to marry AJ only. My venture is to destroy Guddan’s existence. Saru says I want we ought to use him greater, I mean now not close his chapter. Laxmi hears the whole lot. Antra says i can take mroe from Honda but marry aJ only.

Laxmi tells every body Antra’s plan. She says Antra is only marrying you due to the fact she desires to hurt you. Guddan says people who were near me are sufficient for that. Guddan says she has all of the property. AJ says I realize what to do. i have a plan. Guddan says this plan wont’ work. Laxmi
says this plan will paintings. Guddan says k if majority has the same opinion. Dadi says desire the following day morning brings a terrific day for my kids.

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