Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 12th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

GTNHP 12 Aug episode begins with Saru sees them and says how is dadi embracing her? Something isn’t right. Dadi sees saru. She pushes her and says you can never have my trust back. I will never confide in you. Quit doing this dramatization. Guddan figures it out. She sees saru as well. Gudda says OK in the event that you don’t think of me as your little girl any longer. Laxmi says saru you should be glad? SHe says yes to see Guddan along these lines.

Saru says wow this man is so rich. He gave you such costly rings. Would i be able to contact them? Antra says I know your goals great. Saru says we are family. He is so rich. We can’t tally his cash. Antra says hold it. He is rich yet anybody can purchase costly things. Be that as it may, discovering beneficial things is a craftsmanship. I am intrigued.

Antra attempts to see the recording. Mr. Honda comes in. He says bhahi ji my sibling isn’t here. SO I figured I may get tea and some discussion from you. Antra says AJ doesn’t care for tea. He loves espresso. He says my battery isn’t low similar to AJ. Antra switches off her workstation. AJ says I need to take the pen drive.

Honda says on the off chance that I were AJ, I would make a sanctuary for you. She says youa are playing with your companion’s better half? He says jsut playing with a lovely young lady. Anntra says for what reason didn’t you wed? He says never discovered love. A case falls on Antra’s foot. Honda holds her nourishment and says I will apply prescription on it. He takes the pen drive and replaces it.

Honda says here is the drug. Guddan goes to her room. AJ is without a shirt. She stops. AJ says you’re being timid like you are seeing me for first time. He says I have gotten fat, would you be able to tie my shirt? She says I don’t possess energy for this. Guddan says quit acting like children. AJ comes before her. Guddan needs to catch his shirt. He holds her midsection.

Guddan says you are just being Honda, don’t care for you doing this, in actuality. You can’t fix my wrecked heart with this? AJ says disclose to me what would i be able to do. She says you don’t confide in me any longer. He says you dont’ cherish me? Guddan says I don’t love you any longer. On the off chance that you cherished me, you would confide in me. She leaves. AJ says you adore me, you can’t deny. AJ saus I will recover your adoration.

Antra says AJ you got back home? Your companion Honda came. He left. AJ says I met him in market. He needed to leave for a gathering. Antra says he was intriguing. DAdi says avoid him. He isn’t that great. Antra says he is over-accommodating. AJ goes to his room. AJ is wearing Honda’s shoes. antra sees them.

Aj goes to his room. He reviews what Guddan said. Antra coems there and sees the shoes. saru comes. antra says take a gander at these, aJ was wearing Honda’s shoes. AJ consistently dons dark. Saru says ask AJ. antra says no I need to consider it. I need to go to Honda. She leaves. Guddan hears this. Guddan says before she finds are out they’re same individual, I need to accomplish something.

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