Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 12th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Rawat says i’m able to take you from here the next day morning. i’m happy you chose the right manner. we are able to move tomorrow morning. He leaves. Antra says to Guddan I did what you asked. supply me proofs. Guddan says you did all this so that you can get this? i am not an fool. I gained’t deliver it to you. Guddan locks within the locker. Guddan says you could spend one final night right here. Then go away after breakfast the following day. in case you do anything i might get your truth launched in the city.

Durga says to Antra you lost to Guddan. permit me percent your stuff. I made amusing of myself. She is AJ’s wife. Antra twists her wrist and says don’t dare. i am your actual MIL. Do you want extra demo? you may’t beat me. I might be AJ’s wife.

AJ is cooking meals. Meher says allow me do it. He says i will do it. Guddan says why is the onion only supplying you with tears? He says my trust won. Your agree with won in me. Guddan says our coronary heart is constantly innocent. You appear to be a adorable kid. She swipes his tears and says allow me do it. Guddan says i’m able to share all tears with you.

AJ and GUddan come to dadi. aJ says why are you crying? She says i was doing one of these sin. I couldn’t see your love. would you forgive you mother? AJ says what are you announcing. i’m able to never be mad at you. you adore Guddan and that’s what you did for her. I appreciate your love for her. Dadi says make Guddan yours all the time Don’t wait anymore. AJ says yes i can inform her what’s in my heart.

Laxmi says to Guddan you look so glad. AJ loves you a lot. Don’t waste anymore time. tell AJ what’s on your coronary heart. Gudddan says you’re right. i’m scared now. i will’t live with worry of dropping him. i can tell him this night.

Antra says she wont’ be able to do it. Durga says AJ and Guddan could be one this night. ANtta says i’m right here this night. Her pleasure could wreck.

Antra comes to AJ and says i am really sorry. I understand you are mad at me. i can’t leave when youa re this mad at me. i’m able to omit you a lot. Antra hugs him. He says please.. Don’t touch me. matters modified with time and i love Guddan. She says i will’t live faraway from you. I must pass faraway from this house. i’m sorry. AJ says in heart Guddan no one might come among us. i’d inform you what’s in my heart.

Laxmi says to Antra you found out your mistake. You need to have said all this before. Antra says i’m your MIL. Laxmi says Gudan is my MIL. Please move now. Antra says now see what I do that Guddan and AJ.

Guddan comes in the corridor. AJ waits for her. Guddan says I wanted to say something. She slips. AJ holds her. AJ caresses her face. He turns the lights back on. Guddan says I forgot what to say. AJ says say it please. Guddan says I forgot. Guddan says in coronary heart i can’t say it head to head. AJ says why can’t I tell her. i’ve to tell her tonight.


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