Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 13th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Guddan welcomes AJ with band baja. He says you arranged all this Antra? Guddan says no I organized all this. we weren’t brought well. i’m AJ’s ex wife. She makes him wear garland and says welcome to this house Honda. AJ whispers it feels so exact to hug you. He says Guddan thanks for welcoming me with this hug. you’ve got welcomed me so well.He says this chain is yours now. Guddan says thank you. He says it feels so top. Guddan says then maintain brining me items? He says i would. Honda offers Guddan a telephone. Saru and Antra are jealous. SAru says we he’s getting near her. antra says she is AJ’s ex spouse. Honda says she got my coronary heart as a minimum. Guddan says come spend time with us. i have made our prefer dessert. Hsi servant brings presents and says those are for you.

Guddan holds his hand, he says permit’s have a great time at tea. Dadi says isn’t she being too close to him.. Guddan cooks dessert. Laxmi says sasu ma this isn’t proper. you are trying to return close to him. This isn’t good. you are incorrect right here. Guddan says you may’t provide me lectures like this. Saru is listening to. Gudan says i will do what I need. Honda is younger and wealthy. Laxmi says I experience sorry for you. Guddan says i will now do what I need. Please move from right here, I should make this halwa for Honda. SAru leaves. Guddan says in heart, I fooled you saru.

Guddan involves Saru. He says it smells so properly have you ever mixee your love in it? Guddan says that is your favored halwa. He says you are my fav. it is so correct. Now I recognize why aJ married you.
Guddan says i hope you wuold love this suji halwa. AJ whispers you understand i hate it. She says strive it. AJ says you sit down with me and make me devour. Guddan says honda, I want to fly with you to your personal jet. Honda says i will take you everywhere I want. Guddan makes him wear the halwa. He says this is so appropriate. DAdi says this Guddan is so shameless. He says shahjahan cut his exertions’s fingers when they made taj mehal. I need to kiss your fingers. Gudddan says simply? He says provide me your hand. AJ kisses her hand.

Precap: Antra says to Guddan your happiness was with AJ. Guddan asks AJ to sign divorce papers.


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